Our personal myths about creation and how it all works... 


At first, there was nothing... 

But, nothing, being nothing, cannot exist.  

Therefore something had to exist.  All potentials being equal,  no  single sort of being or universe could be created separately from any other, and so, everything created itself...  

Everything is pretty infinite.  Infinite sets containing more infinite sets.  Some sets are dimensions, other sets are entire discrete universes.  All of these universes and their various dimensions are created by conscious living deities like you, or ourselves... 

We all came into existence as self-created beings because we existed as a potential, and all potentials were equally fulfilled in the moment when Nothing ceased to exist.

We all came into existence simultaneously.  Everything, including yourself, was created in a single moment.  Together we formed a collective entity popularly considered to be God.  

We were perfect, just as we were, but we all had further potentials and we went about realizing our additional potentials.

At first we had only simple potentials, but as we developed those potentials our range of potentials increased so that we evolved many incarnations and many iterations of those incarnations.  The various iterations of our incarnations inhabit parallel universes.  Our incarnations are infinite dimensions of our one true spiritual being, and our iterations are infinite dimensions of our incarnations.  Each iteration of each incarnation creates its own unique world and universe.

You are an infinite divine being, the creator of all that you experience.


Our stories under the working title 'Evolution of the Spheres' describe the early stages of creation through various spirit characters such as Irielle and Uriyalon...

In the Evolution of the Spheres tales the creation of the Dominions is explained.  The dominions were the most successful efforts of some spirits to create worlds of experiences to share.  But the master artists of some of these dominions discovered pain and delighted in pain so much that they remade their dominions into places of torment.

The human race is one of many races which evolved in the dominions.  Those races who wished to escape their slavery and torment were helped to do so by the Language Giver.  The Language Giver taught people to speak with their mouths instead of their minds.  This fooled the lords of the dark dominions who failed to comprehend that the sounds uttered by their subjects were more than noises.  Those sounds of the primal Language of Creation were used to open the way out of the dominions and create new worlds as sanctuaries or refuges from the dominions.

These new worlds were isolated from the dominions by a powerful covenant which created a rainbow sphere around each new world to protect it from the powerful masters of the dark dominions and their servants and minions.

This world you inhabit appears to us to be a direct descendant of one of the original refuge worlds.

We are originally form a different race and world.  Our world was never so dark a dominion that any of our race had to flee.  But a sort of tyranny arose in our world, and as a consequence of our research we would have been 'killed'.  Since we are essentially immortal beings it would have been very difficult to kill us, however, dragons are vulnerable to fire and a dragon who burns to death may be gone forever...  At the very least we would have been seriously dismembered and fed to the monsters, huge creatures who inhabit some of the lowest regions of our world.

The refuge worlds were relatively free to evolve on their own following the exodus of the subject races from the dominions.   In the human's world most of the human's who become very skillful with the Language of Creation attempted to setup their own dominions on Earth.  Many of those who had held some power in the dominions also tried to establish their own dominions on Earth.  The humans had learned the social systems of the dominions too well and reproduced them in their new refuge world.

A terrible war was fought between the powerful adepts of the Language of Creation and the former minions of the dominions who had once held power.  They were fighting for dominion over the Earth and anyone living there who were weaker than themselves.  The majority of people were in peril of being made slaves of the members of these two terrible factions.  These potential slaves united to form a third group to challenge the Adepts and Minions.

This third group one the war by disrupting the Language of Creation so that humans could no longer use it.  In order to disrupt the Language of Creation, but preserve the potential to re-instate it, the humans summoned a powerful ally to Earth to safeguard the secret to restoring the gift of the Language of Creation to all humans.  The conditions required to re-instate the power of the Language of Creation were simple.  All humans must learn to be peaceful and then the power of the Language of Creation would be returned.

Our stories under the working title of 'Gharveyn's Secret Dream' describe our home world and our journey to Earth and events that unfolded subsequent to our arrival here.

Following the war which disrupted the Language of Creation humans dispersed across their world.  Some groups of humans held small elements of the power of the Language of Creation.  Kenly's people, for instance, held the secret of immortality.

Our stories under the working title of 'Kenly's Tales' describe the world that existed shortly after the fall of the power of the Language of Creation.

As Earth evolved more and more of the power of the Language of Creation was forgotten.  Today's world appears to us to be directly descended from Kenly's world.

Today Earth stands on the precipice of potential disaster.  A process known as the 'Atmospheric-Oceanic Carbon Cycle' keeps the pollution from power plants, automobiles and other factories or processes which rely on carbon fuels at tolerable levels in the atmosphere by absorbing the waste carbon gasses from the air, transferring it into sea waters.  The marine biosphere then aborbs the waste carbon from the water, transferring it into the marine food-chain.  This enables the oceans to absorb more carbon.

However, there is a limit to the capacity for the marine biosphere to absorb carbon.  When this limit is reached waste carbon gasses resulting form burning hydro-carbon fuels will back up in our atmosphere relatively quickly; the air soon becomes lethal to breathe.  

Ninety percent of the marine biosphere depends on coral reefs for habitat.  Carbon absorption increases the acidity of the oceans, and coral is very susceptible to minute changes in PH.  The coral reefs are already beginning to die all over this world as a result of this change in the acidity of the oceans.  When the coral reefs have gone all higher life forms in the marine biosphere will become extinct due to lack of habitat.  Since humans depend on the marine biosphere to remove carbon from the ocean waters so that the oceans may continue to absorb our waste carbon gasses, humans and nearly all oxygen dependent higher life fomrs on land will follow the creatures of the marine biosphere into extinction.

This has already happened.  There are futures where we can survive this catastrophe, but some of these potential survival scenarios are almost as terrible as the extinction of the human race.

Our stories collected under the working title 'AD 2076' explain the collapse of the marine biosphere and the subsequent poisoning of the atmosphere.  

There is a sustainable energy future where humans survive without sterilizing or killing off most of the humans of this world.  Our governments are prepared to kill off 80% or more of the humans here to survive.  They are trying to develop the means to make 90% of the population sterile as an alternative to mass murder.  The remaining humans inherit a world with a small enough population to avoid the complete failure of the Atmospheric-Oceanic Carbon Cycle, but they have to act quickly.  By 2030 or so it may be too late.

Humans can prevent their governments from taking this drastic step by changing how they produce energy.  There are reliable technologies available today that could be used to build solar power satellites.  The power satellites would transform the solar energy into microwaves and then beam the energy to Earth to be collected by microwave receiver antennae arrays which then transform the microwaves back into electricity to power the entire civilization of this planet.

Two serious obstacles stand in the way of successfully building this energy production system.

First, humans lack the political will to build the power satellites.  The power satellites are weapons of mass destruction capable of killing the populations of entire cities.  There must be peace on Earth between all nations, and the trust to deploy these satellites without ever using them as either weapons or threats.

Second, humans lack the economic will to build the power satellites.  It will take our entire global net worth in resources to achieve this.  The wealth is there, but it is in the control of a small minority of people who profit from the way things are now.  Building this satellite array will wipe out their wealth without providing any economic return.  The power generated by the satellites must be given away far below its production costs in order to successfully compete with power plants that rely on hydro-carbon based fuels.

It is still possible to build the satellites and save this world without killing off or sterilizing 80 to 90% of the humans on this world.  The key to survival is to evolve.

The potential for the evolution of humans to evolve into a peaceful race is enormous.  The peace movement is growing, fueled by a genuine desire for peace and new insights that delve into the labyrinth-like mazes of the human psyche.  By evolving into peaceful beings humans can change their political and economic processes and pave the way to build the power satellites needed to ensure a viable sustainable future for their world.

Our spiritual writings are intended to assist humans in their evolution, as individuals, and as a species.  As more and more people spiritually awaken they become catalysts in the awakenings of yet more people.  As more people awaken the entire race awakens and ascends, transcendentally.  This ascension does not end the world as we know it today, instead it transforms this world into a place of peace and prosperity for all.



Creation works with intention and power.  The power comes from emotions, with Love being the ultimate source of all power.  The intention comes with clarity of mind.  Once cleared of conflicting thoughts and emotions we are capable of manifesting whatever we desire.

Creation works by giving every living being what they want.  But those desires cannot be conflicted or less than desirable events may result.  To the degree that any person is conflicted, they will experience events that are not as they believe they desire them to be.  Creation does its best to provide whatever is wanted, but self-destructive thoughts and emotions will yield painful results.

At the quantum level, where energy begins its transformation into material forms, everything is neutral.  Our thoughts, powered by our emotions imbue the quantum foam with our will.  The quantum foam responds by creating the world we experience.  

All the patterns for different types of sub-atomic structures up through atoms and molecules to the largest structures of the cosmos, galaxies and universes, exist as sentient, sapient life-forms.  They are the result of evolutionary processes which encoded successful permutations of encoded energies as living beings in order to assure the ongoing evolution of these energy systems while also stabilizing them so that they could be used reliably to build everything in creation.

These living encodings may be described as angels, demons, elementals, djinns, faeries, etc... Faeries are concerned with the evolution of the natural world.  Angels are concerned with the evolution of humans.  Demons are concerned with the liberation of subject species.  All have their uses, all are good, if we must rely on such a loaded word as good.

The mis-application of any of these sapient, sentient subsystems that define created beings may result in events which might be described as bad, but the word bad is not real.  We do not believe either good or bad are real properties of real beings or events.  They appear to be subjective terms of judgment that define our personal opinions about things without having any reality independent of our personal opinions, even when a majority of people appear to share what they consider to be a collective or universal opinion.

Each being creates themselves using whichever encoding subsystems are useful to ensure they manifest themselves more or less as they desire to be.  So humans use angelical encoding systems to ensure they turn out reasonably human in appearance and behavior.  The angelical coding subsystems rely on natural and cosmological subsystems that provide each human with a suitable world and universe.

The whole of what is necessary to create a universe in which a human lives is too complex to be consciously directed by sleeping humans.  Awakened humans may begin to master some of these complexities, but most humans are still asleep and the jobs of creating their individual worlds are mostly left up to non-conscious processes of thoughts and emotions.  Many of these non-conscious processes are learned from other people socially; a great deal of conflict arises from this as a result because social systems perceive themselves as greater than the individuals who are part of them and these social systems often apply rules which benefit society or a small segment of society at the cost of the individuals who adopt or inherit these social orders.

Individuals who awaken begin the process of separating the self destructive social orders from those which help sustain them.  Eventually they may master their themselves, taking conscious control over their lives.