Arts of Combination: Commons, Cooperatives, & Coproduction

Welcome to my work/study project! I am learning about non-capitalist modes of social organization. 

Specifically, I'm interested in cooperative enterprise (organizations that are owned/governed by their members), commoning practices (the development of spaces/resources that are deliberately shared by a community), and co-production (work that is undertaken through mutual -- rather than monetary -- incentives). My hunch (thesis? gist.) is that each of these modalities is an essential complement to the others (the three primary colors of a society beyond capitalism, if you will) and that through their integration we can develop a spectrum of cohesive and resilient alternatives to our currently-unsustainable systems.

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Statement of Purpose

PrefaceBrian Anders In Memoriam

On Commons

ProposalCommunity Resource Data Commons

COPY RIGHTS Research Residency (Provisions Library):

Community Resource Data and the Future of Knowledge and Democracy (paper; presentation)

On Cooperatives

IntroductionThe Wisconsin Idea

EssayCooperationWorks! workshop reportback

Case studies: 


On Coproduction

Editing: Leonard Edwards, "The Perks of Giving Back"

Case study: New Vision Renewable Energy

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