WARNING - Greg Bianchini, Local Marketing Inc, Advisor

Review of Greg Bianchini of Localmarketinginc.com


Lets be honest, anyone can post fake reviews.  Too often people get mad about something and they go and leave a negative review against a company in a few places and rate them one star on their GMB listing.  Well the truth is I am pretty mad about this issue and I think the best way to combat the high pressure sales tactics and the lying manipulation that Greg Bianchini uses is to rank a site against him and his company.  Now, I dont know LMI other than my experience with Greg, so do your own due dilligence.  This page is about exposing Greg and letting him know he cant walk into dealerships and tell lies about someone without risking the penalty that comes with it. 

So here is the story. 

I hope that the candid nature and pure naked truth of this will help you to believe what I am about to tell you. 

A bit about me first.  I am a local business owner, IT and Marketing Pro.  An SEO and PPC one man shop.  Now I have been doing SEO since 2010 and PPC since 2015.  Most of my IT customers are slowly becoming SEO and PPC clients because of my reputation for honesty, longevity and loyalty.  In business the single thing that carries you long term is integrity.  Clients, customers, whatever you call them value integrity and thats, in my experience, whats helped me run my own business for 14 years.

As an IT pro I get lots of questions but one day I got called into the sales managers office and asked about doing SEO campaigns for a Chevrolet an Nissan dealership.  My immediate suggestion was to design a great PPC campaign with a moderate budget while working on SEO long term. They wanted to go with SEO.  Enter splans for new sites, new location opening up, other locations being purchased, changes at the highest levels in the auotmotive industry and ultimately new technology being released by CDK Global to use powerful schema and SEO tools in the near term.  Between myself and the marketing manager we decide to stop production on the new site and SEO and go another route, suggested to us by CDK.  It actually gave me a few moments free to finish other projects around the dealership (a big deal).  One day we get a marketing call that sounds interesting and decide to sit down and hear these guys out.  We gave it an honest listen, reconnected with them shortly thereafter and I told them of our plans to follow through with what CDK suggested and use their system.  I wanted to see what kind of results we got from just using the new system vs getting mixed or tainted results doing anything else.

Mr. Bianchini called me relentlessly to get me to reconsider.  He called the dealership, he called my phone he called the marketing managers phone so one day I called him up and said, "greg, we are just gonna wait man.  We're not going to do anything until after a certain date.  I am super busy with the IT around and I'll need your assistance."  I even told him "You didnt just make the short list, you ARE the shortlist."  "Just be patient and it will come around"

Mr Greg Bianchini decided that he would take it up with the owner and walked in and announced that he was there to see the owner and that he wasnt leaving until he saw him.  That what I had done to his website was a travesty and that I had them blacklisted at all levels of google.  That I had the ad account suspended because of abuse of Google's terms of service.  That I had the domains deindexed because of SPAM.  The marketing manager asked him to produce evidence of his claims and he tried to point to the "ad account".  When they pulled the official dealership google accounts up the ad accounts had never even been set up, ever.  I have not done one dime of PPC because they wanted pure seo. Then the sites were obviously not deindexed when the did a site:domain.com operator search.  Because I wasnt there at the time they did not nor could not do a backlink audit bacause the marketing manager doesnt have the tools I have and Greg Bianchini doesnt have the knowledge to do so.  It was about this time that the Marketing manager told him that he couldnt see the owner and he needed to leave.  We dont suffer liars in our community of businesses.  You dont get business in this little network.  Greg was determined to see Mr. Owner and it was at this point that I only understad it to get very hostile before he "left".  I didnt get the real details here, yet.

My point to this review is if you deal with Local Marketing Inc and Greg Bianchini then cut the conversation off short and absolutely because if he feels like he may have a foothold into your organization it's like hiring the mafia to protect you and then not paying.  You dont get out of that, alive.
Here's a quote from Greg's Linkedin:
(minus the super technical SEO, PPC/SEM, Geo-Fencing Stuff...that's what the people WAY smarter than me do)