greg W. Rodgers

Filmmaker -- San Francisco, California 

UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television




The couriers are revolting!

A story of labor organizing in the San Francisco bike messenger world.

Documentary film. 


how I learned to shut                                                         up and  love my job.



Market and Octavia

Filmed by Greg Rodgers
Edited by Frank Chan
March 2006

A traffic study of the stretch of Market Street between Octavia and Gough Streets.

Footage aired at the April 17, 2006 meeting of the SF Board of Supervisors City Operations and Neighborhood Services (CONS) Committee in City Hall.  See Andy Thornley, SF Bicycle Coalition Program Director, present the obstacles of Market at 0:40 (h:mm) of the SFGTV Windows Media stream.  This effort helped convince the city government to stripe bike lanes on this stretch of mid-Market before Bike to Work Day 2006.

Length: various 
Format: MiniDV 


April 2005

Labor protests filmed outside the National Show of the National Cable Telecommunications Association (NCTA) at Moscone Center from April 3-5, 2005.  For more information, see San Francisco Media Advocates and ComcastWatch.

Length: 0:07:24
Format: MiniDV

Model Citizen

February 2002

Conformity or self-destruction?

Length: 0:00:29
Format: 16mm

The Grove

June 2003

A homeless man searches for something good to eat.

Screened on June 12, 2003 as part of the UCLA Festival of Student Works.  See the trailer in low- and high-bandwidth formats.

Length: 0:07:58
Format: 16mm