Eco Stucco

Eco Stucco lime plaster is suitable for use indoors and out.  Its safe, non-toxic and 
100% mineral formula makes Eco Stucco ideal for many applications. 

Eco Stucco benefits at a glance:

  •    protects structural integrity
  •    mold resistance
  •    durability
  •    superb for indoor air quality
  •    energy efficiency increased
  •    absorbs carbon dioxide
    and…  looks really good!
  No faux painting here.  For an Mediterranean look,  
Eco Stucco is the real deal.
Eco Stucco reflective qualities make it an energy-wise building choice. Unlike standard stucco, this all-natural alternative is both an effective radiant barrier and a vapor-permeable cladding.     
  Lime Plaster combines brains and beauty

Green Wren was first attracted to Eco Stucco™ because it looked gorgeous. Then realizing how very practical its approach to energy efficiency is, well, we went over the moon.  

Eco Stucco is lime plaster finish which has far less embodied energy than Portland cement*, making it a great substitute for traditional stucco and for paint.  But this exquisite finish isn’t just sensible. It’s so much more ~ carbon negative!  beautiful and elegant!  durable! 

Eco Stucco actually absorbs carbon dioxide as it cures – about one ton of C02 for each 1,000 square feet of coverage.  As it ages, Eco Stucco’s molecular structure turns into limestone, creating a superbly durable finish.  Unlike stucco made from concrete that will crack and degrade, Eco Stucco will stand the test of time.

Eco Stucco is 100% mineral, non-toxic and free of petroleum compounds. It improves indoor air quality and benefits the chemically sensitive.

Eco Stucco breathes, protecting building integrity.  Moisture is not trapped inside building walls, but is able to evaporate.  The plaster’s high Ph content significantly further reduces the likelihood of mold or mildew.

Eco Stucco provides an effective barrier to heat gain from the sun’s rays.  By moderating building temperatures, its thermal mass helps keep energy consumption low. Who would want to bake in a concrete stucco building paying high energy bills for air conditioning, when they can keep cool all summer instead?  During winter months, Eco Stucco helps keep out the cold just as effectively, reducing heating costs. 

While the upfront expense for Eco Stucco is a bit more than conventional alternatives, over the life of the building, as is the case with most green building products, it provides long term economic value by reducing energy costs and decreasing maintenance. 

 Oh, did Green Wren mention the beautiful part?  Talk about Old World patinas that are easy to achieve.  Hues that come from nature. Colors that stay vivid for years. Surfaces that look better as they age. Yum!

Super smooth plaster finishes or antique looks are readily created using Eco Stucco.  Over 200 standard colors made using natural minerals are available and custom blends can be created easily.  Decorative motifs and beautiful frescos are also possible with this lovely lime plaster. 

Eco Stucco has formulas for exterior and interior finishes.  Use it in place of stucco for a lovely, breathable home.  Rather than mudding a skim coat over drywall and then painting, use Eco Stucco for a great indoor look and fresh clean air. 

Eco Stucco can be applied to new construction and used for renovation of existing structures.  There’s an Eco Stucco formula for every application, including one for suitable for use in shower stalls and even pools.  

EcoStucco is a registered Build It Green product.  Qualifying for LEED points with the US Green Building Council, the lime plaster is a wonderful complement to green building projects.

Please contact Green Wren to see the different finishes or color samples.   

* Green Wren dislikes the fact that Portland cement creates one ton of C02 for each ton of cement produced.