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SRA ~ Synthetic Refrigerant Additive

Increases energy efficiency from 10 to over 20% for air conditioners and refrigeration equipment

Synthetic Refrigerant Additive (SRA) is a liquid, synthetic refrigerant catalyst that cuts energy use by reducing run time to achieve the desired level of cooling in Freon systems. 

SRA is easily added to the refrigerant of an existing air conditioner or refrigeration system. It increases energy efficiency and equipment life. This means lower energy bills, reduced equipment repair, maintenance and ownership costs, and less carbon (CO2) in the atmosphere.  

SRA can be installed on air-cooled and chiller units —including air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers — for residential, commercial, industrial, automotive and refrigerated transportation applications. 

SRA improves heat transfer and thus creates cooler vent air.  It cools off space faster, using less electricity. Air conditioners and refrigerators operate less due to better cooling.  Because equipment turns off sooner, SRA also extends equipment life. 

Typically, energy savings are 15% or more.  That's just the start: 
  • maintenance costs come down at least 20%, 
  • And the compressor life is extended 15%. 
SRA will last the life of the compressor coils. Should the compressor be replaced, there is no need to retreat the system. 

SRA has a proven track record of performance since its introduction in 2002.  SRA is compatible with all common refrigerants including R-22, R-134A, and R-410A.  It has been installed in thousands of buildings.  


SRA has a money-back guarantee 

to increase efficiency by 10%.         

      SRA improves efficiency in three ways:

  • First, a catalyst in SRA removes oil fouling on the walls of the evaporator and compressor pipes. Heat transfer increases over 70% Clearing up plaque residues reduces surface tension, so air gets colder sooner.  
  •  The second catalyst in SRA causes refrigerant to evaporate at a lower temperature, making the evaporator coil is colder.  Again, air gets colder sooner.
  • The third ingredient, a synthetic lubricity agent, increases lubrication over 50%. This allows the compressor to run cooler and increases its life.

Customers' and third party data logger analysis shows outstanding results in all types of facilities, from schools, hospitals, and apartment complexes to restaurants, hotels, resorts, and malls.  Wineries, groceries, convenience stores and refrigerated distribution center warehouses see excellent performance increases.  SRA is an ideal companion for laboratories and computing applications including data centers.  

Transportation industry applications include refrigerated containers, reefers and trailers, inter-modal applications.  SRA also reduces idle fuel consumption for air-conditioned truck cabs.


Savings of 30% are not uncommon. in fact, one treated walk-in refrigerator showed a 42% increase in efficiency.   On average, energy savings for air units are 20% and for chillers 16%. Data from reefer trailers is also impressive.  

SRA meets tests for SAE J standards and is suitable and compatible with air conditioning compressor oils. The full report is available. 

SRA is an environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, clean technology product:

  • non-toxic
  • no EPA disposal problems
  • no ingredients that damage the ozone layer
  • contains NO chlorine or sulfur additives
  • contains NO solids such as graphite, PTFE, or molybedenum sulfide

SRA is a cost-effective solution for air conditioning, refrigeration and chillers.  Payback is typically between six to eighteen months.  SRA qualifies for LEED points and for many governmental and utility company rebates as well.

SRA provides a great way to save money on cooling bills and reduce almost any organization’s carbon footprint. 

To see case studies, please visit these links:  

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Apr 13, 2011, 9:52 AM