Green Wren is building choices for a sustainable world.
Green Wren offers energy efficiency solutions that also save money on utility bills. We offer ways to cut electric and gas bills, including solutions to to reduce costs for lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration.  

These sustainable choices make great financial sense by reducing operating expenses.  Most products offered through Green Wren will have a straight-line ROI of two years or less ~ and often in just months ~ through energy savings. 

Building owners, facility managers, operations managers, small business owners, and sustainability personnel, know that controlling utility costs also means less green house gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.  Green Wren's objective is to provide building solutions that reduce carbon consumption without busting the budget.

Many of these products may be eligible for tax deductions under the Energy Policy Act of 2005's Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deductions or through Section 179 of the tax code.  Please talk with your accountant.
Green Wren's product offerings support the goals of California's Global Warming Solutions Act, A.B 32, including measures currently being implemented by the Air Resources Board

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Green Wren primarily serves Northern California and Central Valley clients but has capacity to do work with customers elsewhere. 

   Isn't it time to wrenovate your building's utility bills?    
    Green Wren offers these products to reduce energy bills:
  • SRA the catalyst guaranteed to help air conditioners and refrigerators improve efficiency10%, or more
Reduce operating expenses for air conditioning, refrigeration, freezers, chillers and refrigerated transit.  Patented SRA improves heat transfer. It's guaranteed to improve energy efficiency at least 10%, and often it increases EE 15 to 25% .
Cut fan motor power by 75% or more when compressors cycle off.  Ideal for restaurants, convenience stores, florists, hotels and others who own walk-ins.  
Save money with deregulated natural gas. It's easy to switch, and free.
Incentives for retrofits, available from utility programs and local governments, make many lighting updates cash flow positive in less than one year.  Replace energy hog T12 fluorescents, metal halide and high pressure sodium lights with T8 and T5 fixtures. LED  and induction options are available. 
Add beauty and smarts to your next construction or remodeling project with these green building materials, suitable for exterior walls and handsome interior finishes.