Our Repeater site is located on Stronach Mountain, Kings County, NS.
A big thanks to NS Power for allowing us to use their site. 

We have 2 VHF repeaters VE1WN 147.240 (+)  MSR2000 at 30 watts

and VE1VAL 145.210 (-) Fusion DR-1 at 20 watts digital & FM 

1 UHF repeater VE1VLY 444.050 (+) Fusion DR-1 at 20 watts digital & FM

VE1VAL repeater is linked to VE1CFY WIRES X Node located in Kingston.

APRS Node VE1ARC 144.390(s)

Packet node VE1WN 144.990(s) 

VE1WN is accessible via the MAVCOM linking system. 178* ON 179* OFF

Our IRLP Node # 2080 and our EchoLink node # 792670 are located in

Greenwood and operate via VE1WN repeater on 147.240(+). 

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