The Evidence

Is psychotherapy effective?
The evidence from shows that psychotherapy is effective and that people’s lives do improve through an engagement with another person.  What is more surprising it shows that all types of counselling are equally effective.  This means that it is important to choose the kind of therapy that feels right for you as a good relationship with your therapist is the best predictor of positive change.

I work within a scientist-practitioner model which is committed to evidence based practice from a pluralist perspective.  It admits the validity of personal lived experience as evidence. From this stance it aims to work effectively with the presenting problem.  I have conducted research into the compulsive use (addiction) and recovery from cocaine in the experience of both men and women. Recovery means different things to different people, and just as there are different routes into dependency there are many ways out. Many people who are dependent on a substance recover without formal intervention.  Others benefit from professional help as recovery is not just about abstinence but a readjustment towards a better life.  The evidence shows as for psychotherapy in general that treatment helps if it is of good-quality, focused on the needs of the individual in their context, as they make a transition to a better way of being.