About Therapy

There are different kinds of counselling and psychotherapy based on different understandings of what it means to be human. The origin of the word therapy is from the Greek word 'therapia' which means ‘healing.’ Based on Freud’s original work on ‘the talking cure’ most counselling involves:

Counsellor and client meeting face to face, in a confidential setting, to talk about what brings the client to the sessions, usually a problem or conflict with the aim of  understanding it better and making a change. 

A pluralistic framework draws on the evidence based tradition of psychology as well as a humanist value system that stretches back to the Greek philosophers. This honours the uniqueness of the individual person situated within their world.  A pluralistic stance based on sound research and also the quest to understand the person’s dilemmas without labels creates the conditions for the client to make the changes that they want to.