Welcome to the website. The aim is to provide a bit more information on Greenwich Pensioners, as there is not a great deal out there about this former institution.

The Q and A should give a bit more info about my motivations for creating the site. All of the other information should be self-explanatory. 

Please do note:

an ex-sailor (or ex-Royal Marine) living in Royal Hospital Greenwich would be known as an "in-Pensioner." Those persons who were in receipt of a pension, but lived elsewhere, were known as "out-pensioners".

If you have an ancestor whose occupation is "Greenwich Pensioner" in the census, and he is living with his family, he will be an out-Pensioner.

This website is about the in-Pensioners. There is some detail about out-Pensioners in the Q and A, which may be of interest.

Recent changes:
  • Digitised records made available in 2016 via FMP
  • in-Pensioner and out-Pensioner research case studies
  • Senior in-Pensioners in 1846
  • Reconciliation of the 1841 Census, with improvements - now added
  • Addition of 1851 Census names, and "S" vs "M" notation
  • Improvements to the list of Naval General Service Medal recipients