Specialty Boy's Birthday Cakes

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Art Eats Bakery 
2728 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Greenville SC 29615
In same building with Saffrons Catering
Email : arteatsbakery@gmail.com
You will find mind blowing, fun and adventurous cakes for your birthday boy here. Some of our popular themes are LEGO, cars, Pixar Toy Story and Cars, pirates and trains. Art Eats Bakery can do ANY design you can think of, here are just a few ideas.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles custom boy's birthday cake design with edible turtles coming out of the sewer

Two tier Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boy's modern birthday cake with edible buildings, sewer cover, number 4 and turtle heads

Unique Teenage Mutant Ninja custom kid's birthday cake with handmade fondant turtle heads, pizza and edible silver manhole cover

Hobbit house custom unique butter cream and fondant boy's birthday cake with Lord of the Rings toy figures

Mindcraft Creeper custom creative green fondant boy's birthday cake design

Curious George custom yellow butter cream twin boys birthday cake design with red fondant polka dots
Custom red and yellow buttercream boy's birthday cake with fondant Curious George monkey in party hat

Custom blue and white butter cream water square boy's birthday cake with 3D fondant grey shark

Boy's under the sea custom fondant birthday cake design with edible octopus, scuba diving monkey, turtle, coral, and seaweed

Custom yellow fondant Looney Tunes Daffy Duck boy's birthday cake with black and purple fondant rope border

Custom fondant music boy's birthday cake with gold fondant French horn, trumpet, music notes and staff and bars

Custom modern kid's creative Cars birthday cake design with edible stars, cactus, street signs and checkered flag top tier. The cars are toys for the birthday boy

Specialty fondant boy's birthday cake with Radiator Springs theme, road signs, clouds, cactus, car emblem, checkered race flag, stars toppers, Mater, Lightning McQueen and characters

Creative boy's castle birthday cake design with edible knight, princess and flags. The dragon is the boy's toyCreative boy's castle birthday cake design with edible knight, princess and flags. The dragon is the boy's toy. clos

Specialty 3D fondant stone castle boy's birthday cake with silver knight, shield, sword, dragon, princess in distress, tapestries, Medieval flags, drawbridge and river

Mindcraft Herobrine custom creative birthday cake design with lighted eyes

Custom fondant blocks Mindcraft Herobrine boy's birthday cake

Custom fondant handcrafted Batman boy's birthday cake with 3D Batman and Robin figures with town sugar print backdrop and die cast model Batmobile

Custom butter cream boy's birthday cake with fondant pearls, moons and Batman emblem

Specialty 3D fondant propeller plane boy's birthday cake

Custom teal and tangerine buttercream boy's birthday cake with 3D fondant Mater Pixar Car's character

Custom 3D fondant Handy Manny toolbox boy's birthday cake with tape measure, hammer, screwdrivers and pliers

Specialty fondant Pixar Cars 2 boy's birthday cake with sugar print characters and checkered race flag

Three tier winter wonderland blue and white fondant birthday cake with snowflake and stripe desgn and edible igloo topper

Custom fondant winter wonderland boy's birthday cake with snowflakes, stripes, snow and igloo topper

Creative two tier Mickey mouse Clubhouse Boy's blue, red and yellow fondant birthday cake design idea with gears and stars

Custom fondant Mickey Mouse House boy's birthday cake with clouds, flowers and stars topper

Red and yellow fondant Superman emblem custom unique creative birthday cake design idea

Custom fondant sculpted Superman logo boy's birthday cake

Jake and the pirates two tier custom kid's birthday cake with 3D treasure chest and map topper

Custom fondant Jake the Pirate boy's birthday cake with sugar sand, edible pearls with sheen, molding chocolate treasure chest, gum paste map and characters

Boy's two tier blue and green first birthday cake with edible golf ball, flag, trees, grass, butterflies and argyle design

Golf ball and grass custom boys 1st birthday cupcakes

Three tier blue, brown, white and yellow custom boys 1st birthday cake with stripes, polka dots, and cupcake topper

Custom 1st birthday giant cupcake boy's birthday cake with fondant polka dots, stripes, pearls and bow with edible candle topper

Custom 3D fondant Mac Book boy's birthday cake with game controller and Diablo game screen

Two tier unique blue fondant kid's birthday cake with tree and 3D monkey

Specialty two tier fondant boy's birthday cake with painted grass, fondant tree, leaves and 3D brown monkey topper

Two tier kid's Cars 2 unique birthday cake with black and white checkers, clouds, cactus, and road

Custom Pixar Cars inspired boy's birthday cake with fondant car emblem, road, clouds, cactus and checkered race flag with Radiator Springs sign topper

Green butter cream halloween birthday cake with black spider webs and tombstones

Custom creepy green buttercream boy's birthday cake with spider webs, spider, tombstones and purple royal icing border

Blue and yellow butter cream boy's 1st birthday cake with red fire truck and smash cake

Custom yellow and blue buttercream boy's birthday cakes with red fire engine and separate round buttercream cake; first birthday cake

Two tier boys blue and brown baby shower cake with polka dots and monkey

Custom two tier fondant brown and blue monkey boy's birthday cake

Green, purple and black spider webs butter cream 12th birthday cake

Custom scary green and purple creepy spider web boy's birthday cake

Custom yellow and black fondant kid's Batman symbol birthday design

Custom black and yellow fondant Batman boy's birthday cake

Two tier red and black fondant mad hatter style custom spiderman birthday cake design with spiderwebs

Custom Mad Hatter Topsy Turvy boy's birthday cake with Spiderman, webs and edible pearls


Custom 3D fondant Rock Star boy's birthday cake with stage, speakers, mic, guitar and stars

Two tier blue fondant kid's 2nd birthday cake with mountains, trees, the birthday boy's name, and stars

Custom fondant two tier railroad boy's birthday cake with trees, clouds, railroad and stars topper

Custom fondant boy's birthday cake with blue and gold polka dots, stars and prince crown cake topper

Custom yellow buttercream boy birthday cakes for twins with 3D fondant Harry Potter Puppet pal characters  Harry and Ron

Custom buttercream boy's birthday cake with fondant pearls and Stewie character

Custom two tier fondant boy's birthday cake with zebra print, edible pearls and cartoon spiders

Custom 3D fondant WWE wrestling ring boy's birthday cake

Custom 3 foot battle scene boy's birthday cake with gum paste demolished buildings, battle characters and terrain

3D beagle dog custom fondant birthday cake with soccer ball, fishing rod and lure

Custom 3D fondant boy's birthday cake with 3D beagle dog in soccer jersey, soccer ball, fishing rod, lure and hooks on green butter cream

Custom red and black buttercream Spiderman  boy's birthday cake with spider webs

Custom two tier sculpted fondant WWE wrestling  boy's birthday cake with ring topper, monogram, and sugar print pictures of wrestlers

Custom island pirate boy's birthday cake with 3D fondant treasure chest filed with candy necklaces, Lifesavers and SweetTarts. Separate island cake has sugar sand, palm tree and sugar character pirate.

Orange, blue and white fondant Winnie the Pooh Tigger boy's 1st birthday cake design with tiger stripes and edible topper

Boy's creative custom Bakuran game red and yellow fondant birthday cake with hand painted flames and edible ball

Specialty 3D fondant Playstation console boy's birthday cake with 3D sculpted game controller, memory cards and Final Fantasy games

Specialty 3D fondant sculpted dog bone boy's birthday cake with edible silver tag

Custom purple fondant wizard boy's birthday cake with potions, spell books, moon and stars and stone table

Edible sugar sculpture Lion King Simba and cub custom fondant birthday cake

Specialty fondant Disney Lion King boy's birthday cake with 3D fondant Mufasa and Simba characters with buttercream grass
Paw Patrol creative custom boy's birthday cake with logo and paws in blue, red and yellow

Two tier boy's custom creative fondant edible train 2nd birthday cake design with grass and clouds

Custom 3D fondant sculpted Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen boy's birthday cake

Specialty fondant modern Spiderman boy's birthday cake with movie font and edible silver icing


Custom 46 inch tall Hellboy 3D fondant boy's birthday cake

Custom fondant airplane pilot captain boy's birthday cake with clouds; small butter cream boy's birthday cake with jet engine with clouds

Specialty 3D sculpted fondant M&M race car boy's birthday cake

Custom 3D sculpted fondant LEGO block Star Wars boy's birthday cake with fondant blocks and real LEGO characters with lightsabers

Christmas train custom boy's birthday cake with real ights

Custom 3D fondant Christmas train boy's birthday cake with snowy pine trees, tunnel, railroad and icy lake; real working lights

Two tier boy's custom creative Jake the Pirate fondant birthday cake design idea with edible parrot, palm trees, treasure chest and sword
Custom fondant Jake the Pirate boy's birthday cake with sugar sand, fondant wooden sword, palm trees, treasure chest and parrot
Boy's Pirate treasure chest creative birthday cake with edible money bag and chocolate gold coins

Boy's two tier camping creative birthday cake design with edible tent, bear, moose, campfire, trees, canoe, backpack and boy

Specialty two tier fondant camping boy's birthday cake with canoe, paddles, tent, boy, backpack, campfire, moose, pine trees, bear, butter cream grass and sugar brushed river

Custom comic book boy's birthday cake with fondant emblems of Superman, Spiderman and Batman
Blue fondant superman cape and clouds boy's unique birthday cake

Boy's custom creative superheros birthday cake design with Superman, Batman and spiderman topped with hulk's edible fist

Custom Ningago sculpted character cake with fondant lego blocks kids creative birthday cake

Specialty 2D fondant LEGO ninja boy's birthday cake with edible LEGO blocks
:Legos and Mindcraft boy's custom creative three tier cake design 

Blue fondant Mario Bros custom creative birthday cake design idea picture

Custom fondant Mario Bros video game boy's birthday cake with coins, mushrooms, clouds and piranha plants

Mario Bros custom modern kid's birthday cake with edible mushrooms, stars, clouds and coins

Two tier boy's 1st birthday cake with white, blue, yellow and orange stars and star topper

Custom blue, red, yellow and white fondant boy's birthday cake with stars toppers

Custom white and red buttercream boy's birthday cake with confetti sprinkles

Custom 3D Tonka dump truck boy's birthday cake with chocolate tires and controller smash cake

Specialty 3D sculpted RC Tonka dump truck boy's birthday cake with remote control cake

Custom 3D fondant sculpted boy's birthday cake with real rubber toy tires

Boy's buttercream grass 2nd birthday cake with a toy yellow tractor

Boy's custom butter cream 2nd birthday cake with red wagon

Specialty white and blue buttercream boy's birthday cake with red wagon; 2nd birthday

Teenage mutant Ninja turtle coming out of a manhole in the road custom fondant Groom's cake

Custom 3D fondant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle boy's birthday cake with swords and sheild

Specialty brown and blue buttercream boy's birthday cake with confetti sprinkles and 17 topper

3D Nike Air Jordan red, white and black fondant custom birthday cake design picture
Custom 3D fondant Nike Air Jordan sneaker boy's birthday cake with fondant laces

Buzz Lightyear custom fondant kid's birthday cake with toy Buzz

Custom fondant Pixar Toy Story Buzz Lightyear boy's birthday cake with stars and Buzz 3D sugar character cake topper

BMW driving school custom designed birthday cake with 3D edible car

Specialty 3D fondant boy's birthday cake with 3D BMW series car, traffic cones, road and butter cream grass

Two tier fondant flames bonfire custom designed birthday cake with fondant logs and 17 topper

Custom two tier red and orange fondant camp fire boy's birthday cake with fondant logs and flames

Specialty 3D fondant sculpted Pixar Toy Story boy's birthday cake with fence, stars, asteroid, Bullseye, Jessie, Woody and Buzz Lightyear cake topper characters

Custom fondant boy's birthday cake with 3D easel, cup, crumpled paper, tablet, pens, palette, and personalized artwork with embossed wording.

Custom fondant boy's birthday cake with cowboy boots, rope, cowhide and 3D fondant Pixar Toy Story Woody character

Specialty black and white fondant square two tier boy's birthday cake with polka dots, presents, edible pearls, pearls and bow topper and gift tag


Custom 3D fondant triceratops dinosaur boy's birthday cake with fondant palm tree and rocks

Dinosaur train custom boy's birthday cake design

Custom 3D fondant XBOX console boy's birthday cake with Halo games

Custom two tier fondant Spiderman boy's birthday cake with city skyscrapers, road, stars toppers and sugar print character topper


Custom 3D fondant blue Mustang sports car boy's birthday cake

Custom two tier bright fondant  boy's birthday cake with circles, stars and number 1

Custom 2D fondant Japanese beetle  boy's birthday cake with butter cream grass and flowers and edible metallic icing

Boy's black fondant tire birthday cake design

Custom boy's blue, yellow, red and orange surfboard and butter cream waves birthday cake design