Our Programs and Projects

One Billion
Trees Project

The ‘Billion Trees Project’ is an ambitious initiative to plant one billion trees per year in India being taken up by www.GreenVein.org. 


Project 1

Clean Ganga Clean Himalaya Campaign

Clean Ganga 
Clean Himalaya Campaign

In the month of January we had organized a major campaign ‘Clean Ganga clean Himalaya’ where our message was send across to lakhs of pilgrims who visited uttarakhand. Students of IIT Allahabad and MNIT took part in it

Project 1

Mid-day meals for children

Mid-day Meals 
for Children

Greenvein conducts the mid-day meal for children program on 8 days in a month. This is done with the donations given by those who visit the ashram.

Project 1

Plastic free Kumbha Mela

Plastic free 
Kumbha Mela

Abheda Ganga Mayya Trust decided to partake and take up the challenge of eradicating plastic items from the Kumba Mela, where tons of plastic waste accumulates every time.  

Project 1

Utharakhand Flood Punarvasan Prakalp

Utharakhand Flood 
Punarvasan Prakalp

It is all about rebuilding together of selected families to improve the livelihood through multifaceted projects each year, free of charge . We bring together corporate partners, government and non-government agencies

Project 1

Art For Action


Abheda Ganga Mayya Trust organised an art camp called ART FOR ACTION in village Dayara Barsu near Gangotri in Utharakashi district, for raise the fund for rebuilding uttarakhand after Himalayan sunami

Project 1

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