4-Year Old Class Curriculum

Social and Emotional Development
  1. Participates in center activities
  2. Understands consequences of behavior
  3. Listens and follows directions
  4. Participates in group discussions
  5. Stays on task
  6. Works independently
  7. Exhibits self-control
  8. Respects rights and property of others
  9. Shares and plays cooperatively
  10. Assumes responsibility is courteous

Language Development
  1. Understands book orientation
  2. Recognizes name
  3. Writes name
  4. Recognizes the letters studied
  5. Recognizes sounds studied
  6. Explores with writing materials
  7. Associates verbal language with written word
  8. Predicts outcome of story
  9. Retells a story in proper sequence
  10. Listens to stories and poems with interest
  11. Creates stories from imagination
  12. Expanding vocabulary and language skills

Spiritual Development
  1. Demonstrates love for God
  2. Demonstrates and has an understanding of God?s Word in the Bible
  3. Demonstrates correct church reverence
  4. Sings Bible songs
  5. Shows love for God by caring for and helping others
  6. Knows salvation is a gift from God through faith in Jesus

Music / Art / Creative Play
  1. Understands art concepts
  2. Is able to use various media
  3. Participates in musical activities
  4. Understands music concepts taught
  5. Explores musical instruments
  6. Participates in dramatic play
  7. Marches and moves to music
  8. Expresses feelings through art

Math Concepts / Skills
  1. Matches sets from zero to ten
  2. Associates numbers with corresponding group
  3. Distinguishes sets of more, less and equal
  4. Counts to ten with one-to-one correspondence
  5. Counts to 20
  6. Identifies simple shapes
  7. Recognizes numbers to 10
  8. Understands basic concepts of size, quantity, weight and height
  9. Create and expand a pattern
  10. Classify and categorize sets
  11. Knows address
  12. Knows telephone number
  13. Demonstrates problem-solving abilities
  14. Participates in calendar activities
  15. Understands the five senses for exploration
  16. Demonstrates awareness of their environment

Gross Motor Skills
  1. Appears to be well-rested
  2. Shows large motor coordination
  3. Balance skills in stationary and movement activities
  4. Throws ball over and under hand
  5. Catches a large ball with both hands
  6. Develop ability to run, jump, hop, climb, skip, dance 
    and pedal
    Fine Motor Skills
    1. Strings beads
    2. Laces
    3. Works 10+ piece puzzle
    4. Holds pencil / crayon correctly
    5. Uses scissors correctly and with control to cut a straight or curved line
    6. Reproduces shapes
    7. Dresses himself or herself
    8. Able to zip and button