3-Year Old Class Curriculum

Social and Emotional Development
  1. Takes care of personal needs
  2. Relaxes and rests at nap-time
  3. Follows school rules and procedures
  4. Shares and plays cooperatively
  5. Indicates positive feelings about themselves
  6. Participates in group activities
  7. Works independently
  8. Listens and follows directions
  9. Cares for toys and school materials
  10. Separates from parents easily 
  11. Participates in center activities
  12. Understands consequences of behavior

Language Development
  1. Names colors
  2. Associates related items
  3. Speaks in complete sentences
  4. Uses acceptable grammar and pronunciation
  5. Is curious about environment

Music / Art / Creative Play
  1. Marches and moves to music
  2. Sings familiar songs and rhymes
  3. Uses tools and materials for construction
  4. Explores with musical instruments
  5. Participates in dramatic play

Pre-Math Concepts / Skills
  1. Identifies basic shapes
  2. Recognizes numbers to 5
  3. Counts objects (one-to-one correspondence)
  4. Understands basic concepts related to size, quantity, weight and length
  5. Classifies and categorizes sets (sort by color, shape, size)
  6. Uses the learning center consistently.

Pre-Reading Concepts / Skills
  1. Recognizes name
  2. Recognizes letters in the alphabet
  3. Shows interest in books
  4. Uses the learning center consistently

Spiritual Development

  1. Understands the Bible is God?s Word
  2. Listens and responds to chapel and Bible stories
  3. Sings Bible songs
  4. Shows love for God by caring for and helping others
  5. Demonstrates correct church reverence

Gross Motor Coordination
  1. Uses outdoor play equipment
  2. Demonstrates balance
  3. Catches a large ball
  4. Throws a large ball
  5. Runs
  6. Jumps on both feet
Fine Visual Motor Coordination
  1. Cuts paper
  2. Strings beads
  3. Builds a block (using 1? cubes)
  4. Inserts pegs into pegboard holes
  5. Puts together inset puzzles
  6. Copies patterns