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Greentrees Computer Club

Professional photographer Charles Draper, whose fine art photographs are on display at  The River Gallery in Florence, spoke to computer club members in March and gave them tips on taking better pictures.  

He suggested the following web sites:

  • -- Great source for researching cameras. Has forums that cover almost any camera.
  • --British site with lots of strong opinions.
  • -- Best source for researching lenses. Lots of technical information but well explained in simple language.
  • -- Good for purchasing filters, adapters, step-up and step-down rings, and cleaning gear for lenses. Phone: 1-800-882-2832. Great service.
  • -- For little things you can't find anywhere else. Not a good site for buying lenses, though. Their prices are too high.

Tips and suggestions from Charles Draper:

1. Keep your ISO ("film" speed) as low as possible to ensure good resolution. E.g. use 100 ISO rather than 400 ISO.

2. Avoid getting your digital camera wet or even damp. Carry a plastic bag stored for use if you get in a situation where you need protection. Do not, however, seal the bag since this leads to condensation.

3. Format your memory card in the camera before taking pictures, especially if it is a new card that you're using for the first time.

4. Make sure your camera is off when you insert or remove a memory card.

5. Your camera bag will collect dust over time. Now and then empty the bag and either use an air compressor to blow out dust and hair or use a vacuum cleaner with a small suction nozzle to remove the dirt and hair.

6. Do not leave your camera and lenses in a car where the sun may cause the temperature to rise to a level that will damage your equipment.

7. Avoid using your camera to download your images to your computer. Instead, use a card reader.

8. Insure your camera equipment.  If it is stolen or damaged you'll be happy you have the insurance.

9. If you don't use Tiff or Camera RAW, at least use JPEG Fine or Large so that your final image files will be big enough to enlarge your pictures to a size you can be proud of. 

10. Don't clean a lens with anything but the proper tools, such as a hand blower, micro-fiber cleaning cloth, lens cleaner and cotton Q-tips.  


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