Who We Are

Hello Green Trails,
    Greetings! Welcome to the GT Environmental Leader website! We are your Environmental Leaders! Cassidy, Jessica, Amelia, and Saba. We are working to make Green Trails even greener! What we do is come around every Friday at 2:50 and remind you to turn off electronic devices. Oh and also put blinds in reverse. We are hoping you are all willing to do these things without us reminding you. Once in a while, we do challenges that have to do with the things we ask. Check every week to see if we have put any challenge!! Also, we are going to post stories, so if you want to see them, check out the Stories section! Also if you don't know what we ask from you, underneath this page, there are pages that talk about what we ask!! :) Have a good one! 

Yours Truly,
The Enviornmental Leaders