Update to all members.  We are in negotiations with landlord of 80 acre property. He is very excited in moving forward.  Hope to finalize in next 2 weeks and break ground.  We have staked out the property for an initial 600 yard, 300 yard to include a 200 and 100 yard firing lane, a 50 yard and 25 yard firing lane. Beyond that will be the 1000 yard and pocket berms. Thank you for your patience.  Will keep you updated on progress.    Good news! Coming soon! GSC is in the process of opening an 80 acre facility near Lake Louisa!  The facility will be offering many longer lanes, near 1000 yards, as well as 600, 300, 200, and 100 yard lanes, with 25 yard and shorter pistol ranges.  We will have more than enough room to add an expanded shotgun range for skeet, clay, or any other shotgun functions. 
Our past range site encompassed about 3 acres of space.  The 80 acre site offers much more.   This will be exciting, new and fresh for all shooters.  We plan to be open approximately within a month's time.  
For all members who have recently renewed their memberships, we will be adding an extra month at the end of your annual renewal.  Example: if you are due to pay March 2014, your new date will be April, 2014.  The old GSC officially closed August 23, 2013.  But our club is moving forward
Once again, we hope to offer expanded archery lanes, too. 
As a reminder...
  1.  If you bring guns and ammunition, they may not be displayed on the same table.
  2.  The range officer will be inspecting your displays to assure all safety rules are in place.  Such as: 
            All guns are unloaded and locked open.
            All magazines are unloaded.
            All guns and ammunition are on different tables.
            All guns are noticeably unable to fire.
            No one will have a gun on their person, regardless of concealed carry permits.     
   Range Schedules... Range 2 is reserved from time to time for training classes.  Please see calendar for availability.
Please review the "Staff Members" area on the left panel of the home page for member updates such as renewal memberships, range help/work days, training issues, metal targeting, holsters, etc.


 Please visit our Donations page to learn more about a new project
and how you can help build a better Club. 
Spend some time in the swamp with us! 
Greenswamp Sport Club is located on the western end of Clermont Florida adjacent to the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve.  Greenswamp Sport Club is a private, gated access facility located on a 22 acre ranch nestled among live oak trees and native scrub.  
The primary club member benefit at this time is our gun range which gives members and guests the opportunity to shoot outdoors in a rustic setting at various range distances utilizing either the handgun range or long gun range at present distances of up to 100 yards.
In addition to being a quiet and friendly sanctuary for our members to gather, Greenswamp is also an excellent facility for group events such as; training, work outings and team building exercises. 
Popular group outings include various local and national law enforcement and security agencies. 
If you are interested in holding a group function of your own, please contact us to discuss how we can make your outing enjoyable and successful.
Thanks to the various professional relationships of our members, Greenswamp is also able to offer discounted gun safety classes, concealed carry permit classes and security training classes.  Recently we have seen this expanded to include discounted gun cleaning services and instruction and scope sighting.
Membership fees assist with club upkeep such as mowing and maintaining tables and targets.  Recently, an additional berm was built, allowing us to create a separate handgun range for our members.  In addition to the gun range, members also have access to discounted outdoor trailer and RV storage. 
Future plans, based on membership, donations and contributions include a clubhouse, restroom facility and store front where we will offer last minute necessities such as targets, ear plugs, etc...
Please see our Annual Membership page if you would like to know more about becoming a Member.


Things to know before you come out to the range:
  • The range is generally available 6 days a week, 9:00 AM to 5:00PM, until the evening hours have more sunlight as the season progresses.  Then the evening hours will return to 6:00PM closing..  Thre range office is closed on Tuesday's and Sunday afternoons..
  • Membership fees must be paid prior to range use.
  • Eye and ear protection required.
  • No alcohol allowed prior to and on the range. 
  • Persons appearing to have consumed alcohol prior to arrival will not be allowed to participate and may be asked to leave.
  • All participants are required to sign a General Release of Liability prior to range entrance.
  • All participants will be required to read a 3 page range rules and safety regulations document.
  • All participants will be required to attend a range safety and range rules and regulations training session.  This is a short session that will be done directly after all required documents have been completed.

  • Things you may want to bring include; paper targets, ear protection, eye protection, sunscreen, bug spray, cold drinks and layered clothing to adjust to the weather.