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Who We Are

Architect, Environmental Planner, LEED AP
MS Tropical Technology: University of Applied Science Cologne, Germany
MA Urban and Regional Planning: University of the Philippines
PhD Urban and Regional Planning (completed academic requirements): University of the Philippines

Therese Santiano's work has ranged from designing spaces and facilities for people with disabilities and seniors,  to building science analysis, and to planning  sustainable integrated area development.  As a building science analyst in New York, she is responsible for the development of construction and design specifications of various building renovation work. This includes designing for accessibility of people with disabilities and senior residents, and also for the improvement of building energy performance. Aside from this, she also sets up  facility management systems for over 140 properties across Western New York. Aside from being an architect in the Philippines, she was a development worker planning and implementing integrated area development and community-based resource management models on various ecosystems such as coastal, farmland, and forestry across the Philippines. She is an experienced strategic, program, and area planning facilitator using participatory planning techniques. She taught architecture for eight years at the Far Eastern University.

Therese earned her BS in Architecture from the University of the Philippines in 1990. Her  scholarship from the German Academic Exchange enabled her to study and earn her Masters in Tropical Technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany in 1994.  She went back to the University of the Philippines to work on her PhD in Urban and Regional Planning. In the process, she earned her Masters in Urban and Regional Planning in 2004, and is now currently working on her dissertation. She is also a U.S. LEED Accredited Professional.

Outdoor Leadership and Team Building Consultant
Professional Ropes Course Association, member
Challenge Course Technology

Kerry Asuncion is one of the incorporators of GreenStrat Inc and is the founder and Managing Director of Extreme Adventures, Inc. It is involved primarily in corporate and organizational outdoor leadership and building development, as well as values formation programs, modules and activities. Since 1996, he is active in the development of indoor and outdoor leadership and team building programs for corporate, government and special group clients. In the Philippines, Kerry and EAI are the only affiliated and members of Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA) and the Association for Challenge
Course Technology (ACCT) both having a corporate office in Illinois, USA.