GreenSTEM@VCU ~ Summer Academy

June 25 - 27, 2012

Application Deadline ~ May 15, 2012

"By integrating service-learning and STEM, teachers attend ing GreenSTEM@VCU summer academy create
middle school curriculum that takes teachers and students outside the classroom and into the community
to research and solve the environment and energy problems that exist right where they live.”

— Lynn E. Pelco, Ph.D., Director, VCU Division of Community Engagement Service-Learning Program

During three intensive days, participants will work with engineering, Life Sciences and service-learning faculty and staff at Virginia Commonwealth University’s LEED platinum Rice Center education building and state-of-the-art Engineering lab facilities.

The GreenSTEM@VCU 2012 Academy on-campus experiences will investigative: 
  • Renewable energy technologies, including micro-hydroelectric generators, mini solar thermal and nano-crystalline solar cells
  • Green building and landscaping techniques, including green roofs and rain gardens
  • Standing carbon calculation and the potential impact of tree planting on atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • Service-Learning philosophy and techniques that will provide you with the skills needed to guide your students in a Service-Learning project.
  • Student reflective techniques to use before, during, and after the service experiences
  • Teaching and learning tools that engage at-risk students in their communities
The GreenSTEM@VCU Academy continues throughout the summer, with self-guided online activities focusing on the K-12 Service-Learning Standards for Quality Practice, green career opportunities, and development of a GreenSTEM@VCU unit plan.

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