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Greensboro Farmers Market 2014



The Greensboro Farmers Market is opening its second week with more new vendors to the area. The market is open now through October every Saturday morning, 9-12:30.   Also this year the market is selling Emerald Valley, Pennland Artisan Cheeses from Scenery Hill. Of course, the market is thankful for the dedicated farmers of the area that have been with our market since the beginning;  Brian Bennett's awesome hydroponic tomatoes. Hardin Family Farm,  the rock of our market , Willow Tree Farm's bakery and meats products.  For the first time of the season we want to welcome back Plum Run Winery.  Clark's Nursery, and the Mapletown High School Green House are currently at the market with great plants and flowers.  Black Cat Valley Farms jams and jellies  of West Greene are back this year and organic hand make soaps from Morgantown are a new item.   This year the market will feature the Greensboro Functional  Art Cooperative's fine crafts.  All nonprofits are welcome to have a space at the market for free if you would like to do a little fundraising in a beautiful spot on the river.   Art classes  for the market season are set and available for registration for children and adults. Art classes start next week.   For more information call 724-943-3612 after 1:00 PM M-F.


Everyone in Greene County should take a moment to attend the Greensboro Farmers market.  It is guaranteed to be a pleasant Saturday morning experience for everyone in your family. 


THE GREENSBORO FARMERS MARKET IS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR SPONSORS.  A good market requires very special attention.   Current sponsors of the market include Greene County Tourism Agency, the Fay-Penn Buy Local Program, The Nathanael Greene Community Development Corporation and Greensboro Borough. Nothing is more important to a rural  local economy than buying local. 

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May 28, 2014, 6:01 AM