Greensboro understands that zoning is a needed requirement for any community to retain its character while providing for orderly growth in the future.   As such, began its initial Zoning back in 1995, it is expected that the zoning will be updated to better reflect its current and long term planning efforts.

Additionally, zoning helps support the 2006 State Adoption and mandate of the International Code.   The 2006 International Code Series includes the Building, Residential, Fire, Existing Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Energy Conservation, International Code Council Electrical Code Administrative Provisions, Private Sewage Disposal, Property Maintenance, Zoning, Urban-Wildland Interface, and the International Code Council Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities.

Should you have an ordinance issue, question, or concern – please contact our Zoning Officer for follow up:

Zoning Officer:

Mark Gordan
724 943 3612 Greensboro Office (msg)
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Click here to download our Zoning Permit