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Additional Resources

Learn about Borough Government
and how it is meant to be run!

Borough Council Handbook
10th Ed. June 2000

Borough Mayors Manual
15th Ed. June 2003

Boundary Change Procedures
5th Ed. June 1999

Citizen’s Guide to PA Local Government
9th Ed. Jan. 2007

City Government in PA Handbook
2nd Ed. Jan. 2002

Council of Governments Directory
13th Ed. Aug. 2007

Elective Office in Local Government
10th Ed. Sept. 2003

Flood Plain Management Regulations
4th Ed. Sept. 2001

Financial Monitoring Workbook
2nd Ed. May 2008

Fiscal Management Handbook
9th Ed. July 2003

Home Rule in Pennsylvania
7th Ed. March 2003

Manual for County Commissioners
3rd Ed. Aug. 2003

Manual for Local Taxpayers Bill of Rights, and Real Property
Tax Payer Programs under Act 50 of 1998

2nd Ed. Feb. 2002

Municipal Authorities in Pennsylvania
9th Ed. Aug. 2002

Open Meetings
6th Ed. Jan. 2009

Public Works Manual
1st Ed. Aug. 2002

Purchasing Handbook
11th Ed. Feb. 2003

Records Management – Retention Schedules

Regional Police Services in Pennsylvania
8th Ed. Sept. 2007

Solicitor’s Handbook
3rd Ed. Apr. 2003

Tax Collector’s Manual
17th Ed. Apr. 2007

Taxation Manual
8th Ed. Oct. 2002

Township Commissioner’s Handbook
3rd Ed. Nov. 2005

Township Supervisor’s Handbook
11th Ed. Nov. 2005

Planning Series Also view the Land Use Reports

Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code

19th Ed. Sept. 2009

No. 1 – Local Land Use Controls in Pennsylvania

4th Ed. May 2001

No. 2 – The Planning Commission

10h Ed. Jul. 2006

No. 3 – The Comprehensive Plan

7th Ed. Aug. 2001

No. 4 – Zoning

9th Ed. May 2003

No. 5 – Technical Information on Floodplain Management

2nd Ed. Aug. 2001

No. 6 – The Zoning Hearing Board

10th Ed. Aug. 2001

No. 7 – Special Exceptions, Conditional Uses and Variances

8th Ed. Aug. 2001

No. 8 – Subdivision and Land Development in Pennsylvania

5th Ed. June 2003

No. 9 – The Zoning Officer

12th Ed. May 2008

No. 10 – Reducing Land Use Barriers to Affordable Housing

4th Ed. Aug. 2001

Growing Smarter Toolkit: Catalog of Financial and Technical Resources

1st Ed. Apr. 2002

Planning for Agriculture 2nd Ed. Dec. 2006

Click to view a list of publications from the Bureau of Recreation and Conservation within the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resource.

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