We offer the following services;

Green Roof Design and Installation

We specialise in small scale and domestic green roof design and installation. We can help with guidance on the structural requirements of the building under the roof, waterproofing options, substrate build-up and plant options.

Please email or phone 07984 155650 to discuss your green roof project.

Green Roof Maintenance

There is no such thing as a no maintenance vegetated roof. No matter the size, design or location, some level of care will be required at least once per year. The biggest issue is the ingress of plants such as ‘domestic’ grasses and weeds which might dominate the roof over time. This requires comprehensive, targeted removal by hand.

Maintenance of commercial and domestic sites - email or phone 07984 155650 for a quote.

Green Roof Consultancy

No two green roofs are the same, even if they are geographically close together. Simple variations in aspect or altitude can impact the design and performance of an intentionally vegetated roof. We have worked on projects across the UK and advised on installations across the world. No matter what size the vegetated area may be, it is wise to get an expert's view on the most appropriate design in order to achieve the best value for money from your green roof.

We also have experience of troubleshooting issues on existing green roofs and providing advice on restorative actions to return it to it's intended performance, where possible.

Consultancy - email or phone 07984 155650 for a quote.