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Hello Kickstarters!

We're working on the April rewards and will contact all the backers soon.

We will work to keep you posted on updates and project progress using both this site and our facebook page.  Like us on facebook.

Proppa Music Video

Our Kickstarter has reached its goal!  We're not done yet, but this is awesome!  Thank you everyone!

A Linux Version of Proppa?

If 50 or more Kickstarter backers request a Linux version, we'll make it.  Let's go Linux!  Back at any level, and request a Linux version -- it's that easy (for you).

Shawnimals Tweeted Us!

This is a great thing in the last few days of our Kickstarter.  Shawnimals is a local Chicago company with great imagination, great characters, a couple video games, and a large, growing number of fans. Check them out: http://www.shawnimals.com  Thanks Shawnimals!

Great Progress!  Just A Few More Pledges!

Spring Basket

Spring is here!  Proppas love Spring,  This year, they have made a special basket for all their friends and backers on Kickstarter.  The basket is full of painted eggs they've decorated and collected.  Get your virtual basket by backing the project and visiting update#3 on Proppa's Kickstarter page!

iOS Vertical Slice

We're a Staff Pick!

Thank you Kickstarter!


  • this is where you will find it when we have it ready
  • First Vertical Slice video YouTube
  • iOS Vertical Slice video YouTube

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  • chicagoshipyard@gmail.com