This site was created to share information about the greening of PGPool - what we have done, how we did it, why we did and how you can do it as well.  

If you are a member of the pool, please look through this and SHOW your kids so they understand what is going on, how to compost and how to recycle!  Also, the best way to reduce waste is to not make it in the first place.  Bring reusable containers, go to the store and purchase plastic plates/utensils and cups that you take home with you.  

If you are a visitor, yea, you are probably a little jealous.  There is nothing we are doing that you can't do at your own home and/or pool.  Steal the information from this page and make them a reality in your life!

For more information or ideas on more green projects, please contact Jim Groves at  

This site is NOT an official PGPool Website!