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Minutes of PPMO meetings are available to any PPMO member upon request. 

PPMO Member Featured in Spring 2008 Issue of Green Pages

Looking at the Party from the beginning - Spotlight on founder Dee Berry

Dee Berry is a founder and still-active member of the Green Party in the United States. She took some time to answer questions for Green Pages on how the Green Party evolved in this country and where she thinks it should go in the future. 

GP: Why have you joined the Green Party?

DB: I was attracted to the Greens, like so many others, by its ecological, holistic view of the world and its ten key values. During the 60’s and 70’s, I had participated in the various movements that were springing up across the country and the planet in that exciting and pregnant time—the civil rights movement, the feminist movement, the environmental movement and the anti-war movement. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Cynthia Mckinney & Rosa Clemente - 2008 Green Party nominees for President and Vice-President

National News

On Saturday July 12th 2008, the Green Party of the United States held their 2008 Presidential nominating Convention in Chicago. On the first ballot, former Congresswoman from Atlanta Georgia Cynthia McKinney was nominated to be The Green Party's candidate for President in the November 4th general election. Rosa Clemente, a Brooklyn New York hip-hop activist and Pacifica radio personality was chosen and affirmed as the Green Party's nominee for Vice-President. 

Missouri's delegation to the convention included Dee Berry (KC), Lydia Lewis (St. Louis), Ben Kjelshus (KC), Midge Potts (Springfield), and David Sladky (St. Louis)

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