WELCOME to Green Mountain View.
City of Mountain View Study Session
Waste Control And Collection Services
Tuesday, April 6th - 6pm
Please attend!!
This Tuesday, Council will be holding a study session to discuss Mountain View's Solid Waste and Recycling Services Contract, which is due for renewal at the end of this month. This subject is at the heart of many of the efforts of Green Mountain View Members. If you're one of our many members who are concerned about the City's waste services going forward, COME ALONG and show a strong Green Mountain View presence!
The staff report covering this meeting can be downloaded ***HERE***
The BRING YOUR OWN BAG campaign has begun!!
Are YOU interested in the environment?      Are YOU concerned about climate change?
Are YOU willing to help Mountain View to become more sustainable?
Our goal is to:
* provide education and enticement for Mountain View community members to take actions toward a sustainable future
* through research and advocacy, encourage the City Council to set policy in keeping with this vision 
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