We invite you to join us for the second annual Green Mountain Puppet Playwright Retreat!  This program is dedicated to the support of the puppeteer playwright in the creation of new, full-length works. We wish to inspire new stories and add structure to stories under development by providing a safe haven for your work.  It is our hope to provide insight to the creative process and create good writing habits. 

The retreat will be one week (January 10-17, 2014) of earnest investigation in the beautiful surroundings of Taplin Hill in East Corinth, a small village located on the eastern side of Vermont.  The campus for our stay is the homestead of the Rugg family.  The 40-acre property has three houses, all visible to each other and walk-able. Accommodations are clean with a "grandparent's house" kind of feel. 

And why a picture of this baby alpaca?  Because when we first created the website, we didn't have any pictures of Rugg Haven. We did find this great picture of an alpaca on Taplin Hill, just up from our actual location. We've now updated the site with pictures, but we just can't kick out the baby alpaca. We aren't heartless. 
There are acres for walking, a pond for ice-skating (assuming it's cold enough, and we may need to shovel some snow off of the ice), and places to hike nearby. It's a quiet place. No television...but we will have wireless for email and research. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

Explore this site, learn more, and please consider joining us!