TreePunch is a game about, well... punching trees! But not just that! Kill zombies, Create tools, make houses, go underground, mine, and avoid falling into lava!

Fight against another one of your friends with LAN multiplayer!

In Treepunch, you can do anything you want, making it incredibly dynamic. The world is also randomly generated, and infinite, making it more fun! 

TreePunch is completely open, so anyone can add new stuff, and create new things easily! Use it however you want, but be sure to give credit to it's creator!

The game is now in 'rd' which is a public version. Good ideas coded by random people will be added to these releases. Send in your mods to ! 

Download it by clicking here.
(rd 10001)
(link is broken sry abt that)

Report ALL bugs in the comments section below.

Video is outdated - a new one of the latest version will be uploaded soon!
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