History of the Green Meadows Conference


The Green Meadows Conference was formed as an athletic conference in 1962.  The charter members of the conference were Ayersville, Fairview, Hicksville, Paulding and  Jewell (now Tinora).

 In 1965, Oakwood, from Paulding County joined the conference. Then in 1966,  Blue Creek joined.

Holgate joined the conference in 1968.

The conference stayed intact until 1972, when district consolidations in Paulding County caused some changes in the make-up of some member schools. Blue Creek became a part of the new Wayne Trace School District, along with Grover Hill and Payne.  Oakwood became a part of the Paulding Exempted School System.  Antwerp joined the league making the number of members eight.

Antwerp, Ayersville, Hicksville, Holgate, Fairview, Paulding, Tinora and Wayne Trace.

In 1974, Paulding left the GMC and joined the Northwest Conference.  So in 1975 the league admitted Edgerton to the conference.  The membership has been the same ever since.