Over the years, local Green Mapmakers have sent us copies of approximately 500 unique print map editions. Each tells a story about the uniqueness of place with an authentic voice and fresh perspective. We saved at least 2 copies of each Green Map. Each has been catalogued by interns. Now, this spreadsheet is now ready to be checked by you.

With your help, the Archive will include high-resolution digital versions (PDF and/or JPG) to permit close examination and reprinting of these intricate maps and materials for research, exhibition, city planning and tourism purposes. Many of your Green Maps are out of print, so the digital Archive preserves and shares an important record of change as it offers a model to other locales.

Benefiting researchers, community planners and sustainability proponents from all sectors of society, this Archive also includes a selection of locally-produced reports, mapmaking guides, promotional posters and other exemplary Green Map resources. This Archive will soon be housed in one of the world's premier map collections, the Map Division at the New York Public Library’s main branch in midtown Manhattan. Formally called the Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division, there is an overview at the NYPL website or on Facebook.

The Map Division’s central location, digital leadership, openness and interest in our participatory mapmaking movement global reach, our 'growing' collection of maps linked by sustainability and social development icons, and our organization’s base nearby make this an ideal home for the Green Map Archive.

At NYPL, Green Maps published since 1992 as well as those produced in future will be preserved with care and shared both in the library and online, giving these historic documents, rich with local flavor and knowledge, a limitless future. The Archive is a testament to your vision and dedication! Thanks to support from New York University Green Grants, NYU Bobst Library, University of Michigan School of Information and Hiroshima University Urban Lab, all of the maps we have are inventoried. Approximately half are digitized. We hope that you can provide missing maps (or PDFs and/or JPGs). Later, we can complete the Archive by scanning any remaining without a digital image.

As you check your map’s description (and translating, where appropriate), you are helping make us progress toward the shared online resource that will enhance both NYPL.org and GreenMap.org in a way that expands the audience for your maps and our movement. Once this Archive become accessible digitally, a world of possibilities opens up. Other libraries or map collections may want to include this Archive. We are also discussing other NYPL resources, such as their ‘Map Rectifier’ that will allow all of these maps to be viewed on Google Earth in geographic context. And, the Archive will enhance the content already on GreenMap.org, including your Mapmaker’s Profile, blog posts, photos and interactive Open Green Maps, etc. Already, an exhibition and promotion of the Archive is being planned.

Here are ways we expect to see the Green Maps and materials get utilized:
  • Viewed on paper at the library
  • Copied or photographed at the library
  • Cited or added as images to thesis papers or other noncommercial use
  • Displayed online as a small image
  • Viewed online in high resolution
  • Downloaded in high resolution
  • Digitally displayed in other ways, in combination with other maps, or on their own
  • Displayed in an exhibition
  • Educational use – research, presentations, reports
  • Printed in books or magazines
  • Compiled on a disc or other media
  • Linked to or embedded in other websites

You will be credited as the map’s maker as indicated in the inventory you are checking on this website. 

Individual Credits: Andy Rutkowski, Nina Reznick, Matt Knutzen and Wendy Brawer. University of Michigan School of Information grad students: Wenke Wang, Miriely Guerrero, Patrick Galligan, Kayla Ondracek, Bo Wang, Kristen Kogachi and Hanna Jung. Interns and in-house team: Joseph Panglinan, Julia Brocker,  Jinhwa Ju, Amanda Moyer, Yutaka Nakashima, Kiki Adami, Hui Zhou, Xixi Chen, Pei Hao Li and friends including Xiaoqiao Zhang, Carlos Martinez and many more!