Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Fact Sheet

Benefits of Stump Grinding:

·       Removes unsightly and dangerous stumps 

·       Increase curb appeal and home resale value

·       No dangerous chemicals for pets or children

·       Avoid labor intensive digging

·       Creates valuable mulch- useful for compost or landscaping

·       Recover lost yard space for leisure or landscaping purposes








·      Full payment due at time of services

·      $75.00 Minimum pricing within 15 miles of Thomaston, Me.

·      $125.00 Minimum pricing 15 to 30 miles from Thomaston, Me.

·      $2.00 per inch for soft wood based on the diagram above

·      $3.00 per inch for hard wood based on the diagram above

·      Discounts available for more than 10 stumps



   Stump Preparation


  • Stumps should be cut flush with the ground before service.
  • Stumps taller than 6” inches may incur an additional fee to cut with a chainsaw.



What to Expect


  • Pricing is based on a maximum service at a depth of 6” to 8” normally.
  • Resulting debris will be left on the-site near or in original stump location.
  • Service does not include hauling the stump grinding debris.



Clean up and repairing lawn are also available at an extra charge

Stump before the grinding process

During the grinding process

Process complete