This page will soon contain photos and highlights of recent design projects, as well as some of my past favorites!

NEW! Magnuson Community Center Resource Conservation Landscape in NE Seattle

Sand Point Child Development Center Nature Play Area in NE Seattle

Orca @ Whitworth School Garden in SE Seattle

Mika e Dete Orphanage Nature Play Area in Pleven, Bulgaria

Magnuson Community Center Bird-friendly Landscape

   The inspiration for this project grew out of my passion for preserving and creating habitat for native birds, and educating the public on this important topic.   I believe that even our most-developed urban areas can provide excellent habitat, and I designed the Magnuson Community Center Bird-Friendly Landscape to be an example of a "green island" in the city. It is filled with plants and other features that provide the 4 things birds and other wildlife need to thrive: food, water, shelter, and nesting places.  The 3000 sq. ft. Bird-friendly Landscape illustrates these on a scale that can be replicated in even the smallest urban lot.  Though it is adjacent to a community center with over 20,000 visitors per year and in the middle of a busy urban park, over 20 species of native birds regularly inhabit this beautiful and sustainable landscape!

There is no sweeter sound in the world to me than the cheerful song of a bird that has found a "green island" containing what it needs to live well.  Having multiple landscapes like this within any neighborhood create habitat corridors through our city that make a major positive impact on native bird populations.

The Bird-friendly Landscape was built in a collaboration between Seattle Dept. of Parks & Recreation grounds crew staff, Magnuson Community Center staff & Advisory Council members, and dozens of volunteers from the Seattle Works' TeamWorks program, the YMCA Y-Guides "Pocket Gophers" group, Campfire Girls group #912  “Tanda Kani Ka Ta”,  and Seattle Audubon. In the years since its dedication in May 2009, it has been the site of many school field trips and other public education, as well as delightful bird-watching visits.  For detailed info and step-by-step photos of this exciting project, visit