Sustainable Design and Natural Pest Control

Plants and Gardens

  • Garden Hotline: free gardening advice from educated, local professionals.
  • Plant Amnesty: free arborist and gardener referral service, and free download of pruning factsheets.
  • King Co. Master Gardener Foundation: calendar of free garden classes, lists of free in-person plant clinics and demonstration gardens all over the county, plant tips, and a great links page.
  • Seattle Tilth Association: organic food gardening and composting classes, demonstration gardens to visit, and a great monthly garden almanac section.

Nature Education
and Family Activities

Referral Services and Websites

  • The National Wildlife Federation's Certified Landscape Professional program: local companies who have been certified through the NWF "Gardening for Wildlife" program.
  • The EnviroStars program and CoStar partners: easy search for local services with sustainable practices, from dry cleaners to landscape companies. 
  • Coalition of Organic Landscape Professionals (COOL): a local organization whose members are committed to using organic landscaping and maintenance practices.
  • Plant Amnesty:  free referrals to ISA-certified arborists, qualified gardeners, and designers.  
  • Garden Hotline: free referrals to landscape professionals that meet Seattle Tilth standards.
  • WSNLA (Washington State Nursery & Landscape Association): list of all Certified Professional Horticulturists (CPH) in the state.