Magnuson Nature Programs

Since 2005, I have been the director and lead instructor for Magnuson Community Center Nature Programs, which provide vibrant, experiential-learning for children and adults in the great outdoors of Magnuson Park.  The programs and special events we offer each year are filled with fun, hands-on education and activities that encourage curiosity and understanding of the natural world around us:
  • Nature Camps during school breaks and summer vacation: Jr. Nature Explorers Camp (ages 4-5), Nature Explorers Camp (ages 6-7), Nature Rangers Camp (ages 8-12), Fresh-from-the-Garden Camp (ages 6-12),
  • Nature Classes: Nature Adventures for Tots (ages 2-5 with an adult), Nature Knowledge Classes (ages 5-10), and more.  
  • Special Events: Celebrate Urban Nature, Family Garden Days, The Scarecrow Festival, and others: Bring the whole family for hands-on exploration activities at Magnuson Community Center or Magnuson Children's Garden!
  • Nature Walks: Outdoor hands-on exploration adventures such as Family Wetland Walks, Nighttime Nature Walks, Family Forest Walks, and Custom Nature Walks.
  • Field Trips: 90-minute park adventures for preschools, elementary schools, and other groups of children ages 4-12.  There are four field trip themes to choose from- Wetland Discoveries, Birds of Magnuson, Life in the Garden, and Habitat Connections.
  • Demonstration Gardens: The Bird-friendly Landscape and Resource Conservation Landscape are located at the Community Center, and open during all park hours to visit for a self-guided tour or a natural gardening class!

For more information on any of the nature programs listed above, visit!