Sustainable Gardening Classes for Adults

Over the years, I've created many classes for Puget Sound municipalities and other organizations. My teaching style encourages a two-way dialogue with attendees that keeps the event lively and fun, and I usually learn something as well! 

Each of the 15 classes listed below includes a PowerPoint slideshow, a 1-2 page handout for attendees with topic-specific gardening tips and resources, a table display, and Q & A time.


Each class can be customized to be 60, 90, 120 minutes, or more, and tailored for your specific education goals. They can also be customized for any season of the year, and for specific audiences from novice to experienced home gardeners, stewardship trainees to professional landscapers.

 I usually include a gardening demonstration with each class topic, and can also include a hands-on experience for the attendees if desired.


Garden Design and Plant Choices:

  • Sustainable Garden Design
  • Wildlife-friendly Gardening for Beauty and Sustainability
  • Child-friendly Garden Design
  • Incredible Edibles: Grow Your Own
  • Simply Lovely: Great Plants for Northwest Gardens
  • Beautiful Solutions for Gardening on Slopes
  • Native Plants: A Great Foundation for a Sustainable Garden
  • Right Plant, Right Place: Choices for a Healthy Garden
  • NEW TOPIC! Lawn Alternatives 

Pesticide Reduction, Resource Conservation, and other Sustainable Gardening Methods:

  • Natural Pest, Weed, and Disease Control for Your Whole Garden
  • Natural Pest and Disease Control for Edibles
  • Getting Plants off to a Great Start: Proper Planting, Watering, and More!
  • Building Healthy Soil: The Key to a Sustainable Lawn and Garden (I have two versions of this presentation: one that is customized for spring and one for fall)
  • Fabulous Fall Leaves: Garden Gold!
For detailed descriptions on the content of each class and its table display, handout, and other info, click on the links above or download the attached pdf document below.

If there is another sustainable gardening topic that you have in mind, or if you'd like me to combine elements from more than one of the topics listed above, contact me and I'll be glad to talk with you about what you envision!

My presenter fees are based on the length of the class, the driving distance, and the number of classes you want me to teach.


Emily Bishton is an environmental educator and landscape designer who has gardened organically for over 35 years. Since 1997, she has taught sustainable gardening and environmental education programs throughout the Puget Sound region and specialized in creating wildlife-friendly and child-friendly gardens as well as edible landscapes.  Emily enjoys reaching a wide range of audiences, from elementary school to community college students, and from homeowners to professional landscapers.


Current and past clients include Seattle Public Utilities and other members of the Saving Water Partnership, the Snohomish County Dept. of Public Works and Snohomish Conservation District, University of Washington Botanic Gardens, Washington State University, Cascade Water Alliance, Washington Native Plant Society, Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods, King and Snohomish County Master Gardeners, City of Bellevue Natural Yard Care Program, City of Federal Way, King Co. Natural Yard Care program, Molbak’s, City People’s Garden Store, the Green Gardening Program, Sky Nursery, Seattle Tilth, and garden clubs throughout the Puget Sound area.


From 2005-2017, Emily was also the Director and Lead Educator for the Magnuson Community Center Nature Programs, which provided hands-on environmental education for children and families via camps, classes, field trips, and guided nature walks.