Project Outline

The design problem will consist of a hydrologic and geotechnical study of the Green Lane athletic fields located on the campus of The College of New Jersey to assess the flooding issues on the fields. Multiple club and intramural sports teams from The College of New Jersey utilize the athletic fields, however in the event of rainfall, the lower fields flood heavily and do not drain away from the fields into the adjacent stream efficiently. Our ultimate goal will be to determine the amount of water for a given storm event that will lead to runoff and infiltration into the soil. Delineation of the watershed will have to be completed through surveying efforts in order to locate where the water is flowing from as well as determining the topography of the fields. Soil analysis along with rainfall data will also have to be collected to efficiently analyze the problem. Once the flow of runoff and location of runoff is determined and calculated, proposed improvements will be implemented to solve the flooding issue.