10.16 Trident

The Greco-Roman Trident is a three pronged symbol (ψ) which is representative of the three dens (homes) of the Roman Empire (i.e., the Island of Crete, the Island of Sicily, and the Island of Greenland). The name Trident was allegedly derived from the Latin word “tridens” or “tridentis”—“tri” meaning "three" and “dentes” meaning "teeth". While the reference to “three teeth” is likely symbolic of the Beast of Greenland, the term “Trident” is evidently a reference to the “tri dens” or “3 dens” of the Greco-Roman Empire. According to modern historical accounts, the first Trident was made on the Island of Rhodes, the birthplace of Greco-Roman military and naval ingenuity. Consequently, the Greek sea god Poseidon, the Roman sea god Neptune, and the female personification of Roman Britain, Britannia, are all classically depicted bearing a Trident. Because so-called Ancient Egypt is historical cover for the Roman Empire, the Greco-Roman Trident is depicted on the gold Octadrachm coin featuring Ptolemy III Euergetes (246–222 BC), the third king of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Because the religion of Hinduism is Greco-Roman in origin, its gods Durga, Kali, Lavanasura,  Prathyangira, Sarabha, and Shiva all wield a Trishula, the Indian name for Trident.

Trident in Popular Culture  
The Greco-Roman
Trident is found throughout popular culture, including but not limited to: Buildings: three-pronged "tridents" formed the base of the WTC Twin Towers prior to their destruction on 9/11; Business: logo of Beretta, an Italian gun manufacture; logo of ClubMed, a French vacation corporation; and the logo of  “Maserati”, an Italian car company; Coat of Arms: coat of arms of Ukraine; Comics: weapon of choice of “Blue Devil”; and weapon of choice of “Aquaman”; Computing: on every USB plug ever made; Flags: flag of Barbados; Heraldry: official insignia of the Rurik Dynasty; Military: insignia  of the United States Naval Academy; logo of the United States Second Fleet (1950); logo of the United States Third Fleet (1943); logo of the United States Fourth Fleet (1943); logo of the United States Fifth Fleet (1944); logo of the United States Tenth Fleet (1943); and the name of the submarine-launched ballistic missile system entitled the “UGM-133 Trident II”; Politics: flag of “Sea Shepherd”, an eco-terrorist group; Science: the glyph, sigil or sign of the planet Neptune (); Seals: the great seal of Puerto Rico; Special Forces: insignia  of the Special Operations Command Central; insignia of the “Special Warfare” (i.e., the U.S. Navy “SEAL Trident”); insignia  of the U.S. Special Operations Command – Joint Capabilities; logo of SEAL Team Three; logo of SEAL Team Five; logo of Naval Special Warfare Development Group (formerly SEAL Team Six); logo of SEAL Team Seven; logo of SEAL Team Eight; and the logo of SEAL Team Ten; and Sports: logo of Manchester United F.C., an English football club; logo of the Everett AquaSox, a minor league baseball team; logo of the Generals, the athletic teams representing Washington and Lee University; logo of the Sun Devils, the athletic teams representing Arizona State University whose mascot “Sparky the Sun Devil” carries a trident spear; logo of the Tritons, the athletic teams representing University of Missouri–St. Louis; logo of the Tritons, the athletic teams representing University of California, San Diego; and the original logo and cap of the Seattle Mariners, an MLB baseball team.