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11.01 Achilles Heel (Chi's Heel)

In Greek mythology, an Achilles Heel was a deadly weakness in spite of overall strength, which can lead to a potential downfall. In respect to the Greco-Roman Empire in Greenland, the country of Switzerland is its dreaded Achilles Heel. Should the secrets inherent to Greenland be leaked within Switzerland, the main proxy state of the Greco-Roman Empire which is home to the CIA, the veil of secrecy would finally be lifted and the Greco-Roman Empire would subsequently lose command and control over the underworld. As evidenced, the abbreviation for Switzerland (i.e., “CH” or “Chi”) is found within the name of "Achilles" (C/K+H+L+S), while the term “Heel” (H+L) is found within the latter part of “Confoederationis Helveticae” (H+L+V+T+C/K), the official name of Switzerland.