9.14 Order of St. John (Hospitallers)

The Order of Saint John is a secret society known by various names (e.g., the “Knights of Saint John”, the “
Knights of Rhodes”, the “Knights Hospitallers”, the “Hospitallers”, the “Order of Hospitallers”, “Sovereign Military Order of Malta” (SMOM), etc.). Founded in Jerusalem in the year 1099, the group’s allegiance is to the Pope whose ecclesiastical jurisdiction is referred to as the Holy See (i.e., the “Holy C”), otherwise known as the CIA of Switzerland. The Pope is the front man (i.e., puppet) of the CIA who is guarded by the Swiss German speaking Swiss Guard of Switzerland, a nation whose flag coincidentally bears the symbol of the Order of St. John. Along with the Knights Templar, the Hospitallers became the most formidable military orders in the Holy Land during the Dark Ages, routinely engaging is assassinations, piracy, terror attacks, and various wars. The Order allegedly arose as a group of individuals associated with an Amalfitan hospital in the Muristan district of Jerusalem which was founded around 1023. It was allegedly dedicated to St. John the Baptist by Blessed Gerard Thom in order to provide care for poor, sick or injured pilgrims to the Holy Land. After Jerusalem, the Order moved to the Island of Rhodes, then Malta, and finally Rome. The term “hospital” was derived from the Hospitallers who carried out their various military and intelligence operations under the cover of hospitals and helping others. This is why the red cross on a white background is the primary symbol of medical care worldwide. As of today, the Order boasts over 20,000 medical personnel consisting of doctors, nurses and paramedics. In total, there are 26 self-styled orders of the Order of St. John, many of which are unrecognized or secret. Knows orders include but are not limited to: the Alliance of the Orders of St. John of Jerusalem, the Bailiwick of Brandenburg of the Chivalric Order of Saint John of the Hospital at Jerusalem, the Order of Aubrac, the Order of Saint John (Bailiwick of Brandenburg), the Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and the Venerable Order of Saint John.

Sovereign Military Order of Malta
The “Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta”, otherwise known as the “
Sovereign Military Order of Malta” (SMOM), is a secret Roman Catholic society that is the reportedly the world's oldest surviving order of chivalry. SMOM is the modern continuation of the original medieval order of Saint John of Jerusalem, known as the "Fraternitas Hospitalaria" and later as the Knights Hospitaller. In the ecclesiastical heraldry of the Roman Catholic Church, the Order of Malta along with the Order of the Holy Sepulchre are the only two orders whose insignia may be displayed in a clerical coat of arms. In other words, they are considered sovereign governments unto themselves. With a Papal Bull on February 15, 1113, Pope Paschal II approved the foundation of the SMOM and placed it under the aegis of the Holy See (located in Vatican City), granting it the right to freely elect its superiors without interference from other secular or religious authorities, including the Roman Catholic Church. In essence, the Order is has no equal in the underworld. Consequently, the SMOM is widely considered a sovereign subject of international law meaning that it can act with impunity. This notion is corroborated by the fact that Vatican City and Switzerland are the only nations on Earth which are considered sovereign as evidenced by their geometrically square flags. SMOM’s sovereign status is recognized by its membership in the United Nations and numerous other international bodies which observe its status. Through secret ambassadors, the Order maintains diplomatic relations with 104 countries. It also issues its own passports, currency, stamps and vehicle registration plates. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta has a permanent presence in 120 countries, with 12 Grand Priories and Sub-Priories and 47 national Associations. It has also funded numerous hospitals, medical centers, day care centers and first aid corps which currently operate in 120 countries. As of 2014, SMOM has 3 citizens, 13,000 members and 80,000 volunteers, all of which are above the law of the respective countries they operate in. Therefore, no matter how horrific, they can never be prosecuted for their crimes.

Sovereign Military Order Switzerland
According to legend, the
Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) wore a black surcoat with a white cross in battles with the Muslims. However, in 1248, Pope Innocent IV approved a new standard military dress for the Hospitallers. It consisted of a red surcoat with a white cross emblazoned on it, a symbol which is currently depicted on the flag of Switzerland. The symbol is now recognized internationally as the symbol for first aid and medical care. It is also found in the logo of the International Committee of the Red Cross which is coincidentally headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. What role the Red Cross plays in geopolitics is not exactly known, but they have been accused of espionage as well as administrating tainted vaccines. The SMOM evidently relocated to Switzerland shortly after the Protestant Reformation (c. 1170) when its leaders in Margraviate of Brandenburg declared their continued adherence to the Order while publically accepting Protestant theology. As the “Balley Brandenburg des Ritterlichen Ordens Sankt Johannis vom Spital zu Jerusalem” (i.e., Bailiwick of Brandenburg of the Chivalric Order of Saint John of the Hospital at Jerusalem), the Order continues to this very day, virtually independent of the Roman Catholic order. Modern historical accounts state that the Protestant branch spread into other countries in Europe, including “Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Austria, the United Kingdom, and Italy”. After going undercover in the Alps of Europe, modern historical accounts stated that “It was established that the Order should remain neutral in any war between Christian nations”. Interestingly, the only country on Earth which is “neutral” is Switzerland and it bears the symbol of the Oder. Therefore, it appears that Switzerland was established by and for SMOM so they could carry out their assassinations, piracy, terror attacks and wars under the guise of international neutrality.

Knights of Rhodes
Following the
conquest of the Holy Land by Islamic forces, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) operated from the Island of Rhodes, the primary military base of the Greco-Roman Empire. According to modern historical accounts, the Hospitallers, who were also known as the Knights of Rhodes, waged war with the Barbary Pirates who were coincidentally funded by the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, instead of fighting with each other, it’s far more likely that the SMOM and the Barbary Pirates were working in tandem, one on land and one on sea. Regardless, history states that the Knights of Rhodes policed the Mediterranean from the threat of pirates, operating from the North African coastline during the 16th and 17th centuries. Like the Barbary Pirates, the Knights of Rhodes routinely attacked other ships under the guise of freeing Christian slaves. Consequently, the knights accumulated great wealth, living in luxury on the Mediterranean island. The Pirates of Rhodes admittedly served in foreign navies, becoming "the mercenary sea-dogs of the 14th to 17th centuries", In other words, these were state-sponsored pirates who were welcomed with open arms by the governments of Europe, showing the naked duplicity of the Roman Catholic Church. The piracy of the Knight of Rhodes was outlined by Paul Lacroix who stated: "Inflated with wealth, laden with privileges which gave them almost sovereign powers ... the order at last became so demoralized by luxury and idleness that it forgot the aim for which it was founded, and gave itself up for the love of gain and thirst for pleasure. Its covetousness and pride soon became boundless. The Knights pretended that they were above the reach of crowned heads: they seized and pillaged without concern of the property of both infidels and Christians." In time, the piracy of the Order spread to the Caribbean where they possessed four Caribbean islands (i.e., Saint Christopher, Saint Martin, Saint Barthélemy, and Saint Croix). The “Pirates of the Caribbean” is a modern movie franchise which pays homage to the Knights of Rhodes and their piracy in the Caribbean Sea.