9.11 Neocatechumenal Way

Neocatechumenal Way, otherwise known as “Neocatechumenate”, “NCW”, or simply “The Way”, is a Roman Catholic Church organization that grooms Jewish families of every ethnicity for specific intelligence-related missions around the world. Neocatechumenate was purportedly formed in Madrid, Spain in 1964 by Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernández, receiving approval from the Holy See in 2008. As of 2007, there were approximately 40,000 such communities in 6,000 parishes and 900 dioceses around the world. It is currently represented on all continents with an estimated 1 million members. Neocatechumenate is implemented on the local level by small, parish-based communities of between 20-50 people. Although Neocatechumenal communities are made up of people from their respective parish, they do not celebrate Mass on Sunday with the Catholic community but separately on Saturday evening with a Vigil Mass. This is because Neocatechumenate communities are not Catholic but rather Jewish in nature. Therefore, they celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday, not Sunday. There are currently 6 Neocatechumenate communities in Israel which allegedly follow the Latin Rite, (i.e., Bethlehem, Cana, Jaffa, Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Tel Aviv). The Greek Catholic Rite (Melchite), which runs a Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Domus Galilaeae, has 12 Neocatechumenate communities in Palestine (i.e., three each in Shefamer, Tarshiha and Melia, 2 in Ibilin, and 1 in Cana). Additionally, there are two Maronite-related Neocatechumenate communities in Gish and Haifa, as well as two Hebrew-speaking communities in Haifa and Tel Aviv. The highest number of Neocatechumenal Way communities are found in Italy (10,000) and Spain (7,000). This is likely because Jews can most easily blend in with Italians and Spanish due to their similar eye, skin and hair color. There are also 800 Neocatechumenate communities in Africa and others in the Middle East, Lebanon having the highest number. The highest number of Neocatechumenate communities in the world per capita is Malta which has a total of 100 on an island of 400,000 people.