9.05 Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus, commonly referred to as “The Order”, is the world's largest Roman Catholic order. A member of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights (IACK), the Order was purportedly founded in 1882 by the Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney in New Haven, Connecticut. The secret society was allegedly named in honor of Christopher Columbus, an epic hoax whose discovery of the New World was used to cover-up for the Roman Empire’s discovery of Markland (i.e., North America). The term “Columbus” (C/K+L+M+B+S) acronymically and/or consonantly equates to “Cull/Kill M Babylon System”, the letter “M” representative of the 13 Bloodlines of Rome. As of 2013, the Knights of Columbus consisted of 1,843,587 knights, 14,606 councils, over 2,500 assemblies, and roughly 200 councils on college campuses. To date, councils have been chartered in the United States (including some territories), Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, Poland, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Cuba, Guatemala, Guam, Saipan, South Korea, and on U.S. military bases around the world. The Knights of Columbus publically claim that they are dedicated to the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. Orders and societies affiliated with the Knights of Columbus include but are not limited to: the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, the Columbian Squires, the Columbiettes, the Daughters of Isabella, and the Squire Roses. In order to provide political cover for the numerous presidents, prime ministers and dictators that are members of the Knights of Columbus, a few high-profile athlete such as baseball legend Babe Ruth, boxer Floyd Patterson and coach Vince Lombardi are publically touted as members. This serves as a smoke screen in respect to the true mission of the Order—war.

Knights of Columbus Symbology
emblem of the Knights of Columbus is naturally Greco-Roman in every respect. The fasces is based on the shape of the Island of Crete while the letters “K” and “C” are indicative of Chania, Crete, the birthplace of the Greco-Roman Empire. The letters “C” and “K” both equate to the Chevron symbol (i.e., “Λ”) in the Roman Score (i.e., the Roman alphabet). When two “Λ” symbols are combined (i.e., “ΛΛ”), the letter “M” is formed which is indicative of the 13 Bloodlines of Rome which originated from Chania, Crete. Nevertheless, the Order claims that is uses the fasces because it is "symbolic of authority which must exist in any tightly-bonded and efficiently operating organization”. The emblem of the Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus depicts a white dove pointing south toward a globe while hanging from a Roman Cross. A white dove is also depicted in the crest of the Tactical Communications Wing, a body within the Royal Air Force. Therefore, it’s highly likely that the white dove is symbolic of homing pigeons which were used to carry intelligence in wartime. In other words, the Fourth Order is used to convey intelligence around the world which it uses to executing attacks and wars around the globe. Curiously, the beak of the dove intersects with the Greenland (home) which is ultimately in command and control of the Order.

Knights of Fascism 
Because the
Knights of Columbus is a strictly fascist organization (see logo) famous for executing genocide and war in the underworld on behalf of the Roman Empire, Pope John Paul II referred to it as the “strong right arm of the Church". Consequently, its membership is limited to "practical" Catholic men aged 18 or older. In other words, the Order recruits members who do what they are told, regardless of what is right and what is wrong. As previously mentioned, the Knights of Columbus have chartered councils on U.S. military bases around the world. Therefore, it is highly likely that the Order is ultimately responsible for executing the fascist policies of the CIA in Switzerland via the thousands of U.S. military bases and installations around the world. Interestingly, a new “Military Oversees Europe Special District” of the Knights of Columbus was established in 2013 to oversee assemblies of military personnel serving on that continent. According to reports, over 100 Department of Defense (DOD) personnel based in England, Germany and Italy took part in special Fourth Degree Exemplification Ceremonies at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, Camp Zama in Japan, and Yongsan Garrison in Seoul, Korea in 2013. Needless to say, the ceremony and affiliation with the Knights is the epitome of treason. Although a single Order, the Knights of Columbus consists of four degrees, the fourth being the highest. After taking their third degree, Knights of Columbus are eligible to receive their Fourth Degree, the primary purpose of which is to “foster the spirit of patriotism”. In other words, similar to Freemasonry, the term “patriotism” is not inherent to one’s respective country but rather to the Order. Therefore, unspeakably wicked things are done by members of the Order to their own respective countries.

Knights of Columbus in Politics
Because the
Knights of Columbus retain command over every major military on Earth, they invite the head of state of every country they operate in to their Supreme Convention each year. Over the last century, a number of U.S. Presidents have been intimately affiliated with the fascist Knights of Columbus which has been reflected in their hawkish policies. For example, the Knights successfully lobbied President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to make Columbus Day (October 12) a federal holiday in 1937. President Dwight Eisenhower reportedly wrote to Supreme Knight Luke E. Hart thanking the Knights of Columbus for their "part in the movement to have the words 'under God' added to our Pledge of Allegiance”. President John F. Kennedy was a Fourth Degree member of the Knights of Columbus from Bunker Hill Council No. 62 and Bishop Cheverus General Assembly. When Supreme Knight Hart visited Kennedy at the White House on Columbus Day in 1961, Kennedy told Hart that his younger brother Ted Kennedy had received "his Third Degree in our Order three weeks before”. Hart also presented Kennedy with a poster of the American Flag with the story of how the Order got the words "under God" inserted in the Pledge of Allegiance. In 1971, President Richard Nixon gave the keynote address at the Knight’s States Dinner. Eleven years later, President Ronald Reagan spoke at the Knight’s Centennial Convention in 1982. Reagan also presented the Knights with a President's Volunteer Action Award at the White House in 1984. President George H.W. Bush made an appearance at the Knight’s Centennial Convention in 1992. While in office, President Bill Clinton reportedly sent a written message to the Knights. President George W. Bush sent videotaped messages to the Knights before he attended their 122nd Annual Convention in 2004. President Barack Obama has reportedly also sent written messages to the Knights during his term in office. 2016 U.S. Presidential candidate Jeb Bush is a Knight of Columbus and therefore war will be imminent should be elected. As evidenced, the Knights of Columbus have completely infiltrated the office of the President of the United States it’s not surprising that America has been in non-stop wars since World War II. Other heads of state, regardless of political affiliation (capitalist, communist, fascist, etc.), have also been intimately affiliated with the Knights of Columbus. For example, in 1959, communist and fascist Fidel Castro reportedly sent an aide to represent him at a Fourth Degree banquet in honor of the Golden Jubilee of the Order's entry into Cuba. Supreme Knight Hart attended a banquet in the Cuban Prime Minister's honor and sent him a letter expressing regret that they were not able to meet in person. The letter was likely a hoax considering that Castor is a member of the Order and a head of state. Therefore, Castro and Hart likely met in person hundreds of times over past decades. Lastly, a number of famous politicians claim to be members of the Knights of Columbus, including but not limited to: Al Smith (former Governor of New York and U.S. presidential candidate); John Boehner (current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives); John F. Kennedy (U.S. President); Samuel Alito (U.S. Supreme Court Justice); Sargent Shriver (U.S. Politician); and Ted Kennedy (U.S. Congressman).

Knights of Columbus Treachery  
After the establishment of the Fourth Degree within the Knights of Columbus, reports of an treasonous oath began to circulate claiming that Fourth Degree Knights
swore to exterminate Freemasons and Protestants, as well as “flay, burn alive, boil, kill, and otherwise torture anyone, including women and children, when called upon to do so by church authorities”. The "bogus oath" was allegedly based on a previous oath falsely attributed to the Jesuits three centuries prior. According to modern historical accounts, the rumor was spread by the Ku Klux Klan, another secret order of the Roman Catholic Church. The oath was reportedly even read into the Congressional Record by Thomas S. Butler and refuted by the Committee of Public Information (CPI), a war time propaganda agency of the U.S. Government. The fact that CPI refuted the claim suggests that it had some merit. The Klan claimed that Knights were only loyal to the pope and that they advocated for the overthrow of the U.S. government. As with most truths, the establishment attributed it to a bogus and controversial source like the KKK, making it less believable. Although only conjecture, the allegations were likely made by patriotic Americans who witnessed first-hand the treacherous and treasonous behavior of the Knights. After examining the actual oath, a committee of high ranking California Freemasons declared in 1914 that "The ceremonial of the Order [of the Knights of Columbus] teaches a high and noble patriotism, instills a love of country, inculcates a reverence of civic duty and holds up the Constitution of our Country as the richest and most precious possession of a Knight of the Order”. Oath aside, the Knights of Columbus’ track record is littered with dead bodies, confirming, albeit in a de facto manner, that the purported oath is indeed true.