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2.14 The Fall of Rome


The “Fall of the Roman Empire” should more appropriately be deemed “The Fool of Rome” for its reported demise is without a doubt the greatest hoax of all time. In short, the Greco-Roman Empire faked its own death in order to deceive her enemies of the day (e.g., China and Persia) and it now rules the world with an iron fist behind a veil of secrecy in Greenland. The notion of a political entity faking its own death to defeat its enemies is coincidentally the premise of the book by
Niccolò Machiavelli entitled “The Prince” (1532). The term “Machiavelli” (M+C/K+V+L) consonantly equates to “make veil”, an apparent reference to the veil which has been erected in order to hide the home of the Roman Empire in Greenland. This “veil” was evidently erected during the “medieval” (M+D+V+L) period for the term consonantly equates to “made veil”.  After Rome moved its public capital to Constantinople it officially marked beginning of the alleged fall of the Roman Empire. During this same historical period, northern European countries such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and especially Roman Britain (i.e., Britannia) began to mysteriously strengthen economically and militarily as part of a secret strategy to forever seal off Greenland from the rest of the world. This is why the underworld celebrates “Valentine’s Day” on February 14 for the term “Valentine” (V+L+T+N) consonantly equates to “veil ten”. The number ten in the Roman Score (i.e., the Roman alphabet) is represented the “Ф” symbol which is coincidentally depicted on the flag of Greenland. Since the letter “V” represents the letter “B” in the Roman Score, the term “veil” (V+L) also equates to (B+L), a reference to the city of Babylon (i.e., Rome, Italy), the former capital of the Roman Empire. This is also why a bride wears a veil during her wedding ceremony, a ritualistic tribute to the veil which currently hides Rome in Greenland.

Modern Day Roman Empire
Because the Roman Empire has remained hidden for 700+ years behind a veil of secrecy in Greenland, they have become rather arrogant and enjoy flaunting their modern day presence in the collective face of the underworld. Aside from the plethora of Greco-Roman
arches, columns, domes, obelisks and twin towers that are found around the world, there are a number of books and television shows which feature the premise that the Roman Empire was never defeated and is in command and control of the world. "Bread and Circuses" (1968) was an original “Star Trek” episode which was broadcast on March 15, 1968. Its title is a direct reference to the phrase "bread and circuses" which was written by the Roman poet Juvenal. The episode depicts Captain James T. Kirk and his companions as they are forced to fight in gladiatorial games on a planet resembling the Roman Empire which possessed mid-20th century Earth technology. “Roma Eterna” (2003) is an alternative history novel by Robert Silverberg which is based on the notion that the Roman Empire survived to the present day. Interestingly, the last chapter in the book is entitled “To the Promised Land”, an apparent reference to Greenland (i.e., “The Promised Land”) which was discovered by Roman Airships. “Gunpowder Empire” (2003) is an alternative history novel by Harry Turtledove which is based on the notion that the Roman Empire never collapsed and has advanced technology-wise to the point of inventing gunpowder, a premise which is coincidentally supported by the weapon known as “Greek Fire”. “Warlords of Utopia” (2004) is an alternative history novel by Lance Parkin which is based on the notion that the “glorious” Roman Empire has ruled the world for nearly 27 centuries (2,700 years). Lastly, “Romanitas” (2005) and “Rome Burning” (2007) are two alternative history novels written by Sophia McDougall and published by Orion Books. The books are part of a trilogy which is based on a world where the Roman Empire has survived to contemporary times and now dominates the world. Coincidentally, a map within “Romanitas” depicts the island of Greenland under the control of the modern Roman Empire.


Rome Empire’s Balk
The term
balk (pronounced “bȯk”) is essentially a fake in the game of baseball whereby the pitcher pretends to throw to the batter at home plate but throws to a base in an attempt to get a player out. The balk of the Roman Empire was their public move to Constantinople while secretly moving their empire to Greenland. The name of the sports corporation “Reebok” (R+B+C/K) translates to "Rome's bok” or “Rome's balk”. Reebok’s former logo depicts two almost horizontal stripes which evidently represent first two homes or dens of the Line of Man (i.e., the Island of Crete and the Island of Sicily), while the vertical stripe crossing the two horizontal stripes signifies Rome’s move north to Greenland. This is why today the heart of the Roman Empire (e.g., Greece, Italy and Turkey) are entitled the Balkans for they bore the brunt of the Roman balk. The epic balk of the Roman Empire is celebrated today by the NBA basketball team entitled the New York Knickerbockers (B+C/K+R+S). A “book” (pronounced “bu̇k”) is also a form of a balk as all books in the underworld are devoid of truth in respect to the true history of the Roman Empire. Because the letter “V” is represented the letter “B” in the Roman Score (i.e., the Roman alphabet), Victoria (B/V+C/K+T+R), the Roman goddess of victory, can also be read as “Boktoria” (B+C/K+T+R). In other worlds, the Greco-Roman Empire was able to achieve victory over the world by routinely balking, double-crossing and faking out both allies and enemies, a notion which is coincidentally found in the motto of the Roman Empire: “Through deception, thou shalt do war”.

Roman Duck

Because the duck is known to disappear below the water and resurface elsewhere, the Roman Empire has made it one of their many mascots for it symbolizes the fall of Rome and its reemergence in Greenland. In other words, Rome “ducked” out of the way of its former enemies (e.g., China and Persia) and resurfaced in Greenland where it remains today. Consequently, the “duck” is universally celebrated though various Hollywood and sports-related characters, including but not limited to: Daisy Duck; Daffy Duck; Donald Duck; Scrooge McDuck, the Anaheim Ducks, an NHL hockey team; the Oregon Ducks, the sports teams of the University of Oregon; and the Long Island Ducks,  a semi-professional baseball team.  The MLB baseball team entitled the New York Yankees is a name indicative of the Romans “yanking” their empire from the underworld to Greenland, while the MLB team entitled the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrates how the Roman Empire “dodged” its enemies by moving to Greenland.This is likely where the idiom “Get your ducks in a row” was derived from as the Roman Empire had to organize numerous variables (e.g., armies, histories, resources, supplies, transportation, etc.) prior to their disappearance to Greenland.


Fuck You

Rome’s fakery is celebrated in popular culture many different ways, the most common of which is the curse word “
fuck you” (meaning “fake you”). “Fuck you” is also conveyed by erecting the middle finger (the tallest finger) a gesture symbolic of the highest land on Earth — Greenland, home of the Roman Empire. Because the letter “P” doubles as the letter “F” in Roman English (e.g., fire, pyro, etc.) , Roman fakery is celebrated via the names of various sports teams such as the NFL football team entitled the Green Bay Packers (F/P+C/K+R+S) which can be read as the “Fakers”, and the NBA basketball team entitled the Indiana Pacers (F/P+C/K+R+S) which can be read as the “Fakers”.


Roman Thanksgiving
The real reason people eat a turkey on the American and Canadian holiday of Thanksgiving is because they are (albeit unwittingly) celebrating the Roman Empire’s epic hoax of pretending to move their capital to Turkey (i.e., Constantinople) while actually moving it to Greenland. The turkey was likely chose because of its large tail which it uses to distract would be predators. Interestingly, the term "turkey" (T+R+C/K) is consonately the same as the term "trick" (T+R+C/K) which means to decieve. The term “turkey” is also slang for someone who is gullible, stupid or incompetent. In the sport of bowling, getting three consecutive strikes is also known as “turkey”. The three strikes are likely indicative of the three homes of the Line of Man (i.e., the Island of Crete, the Island of Sicily, and the Island of Greenland), the ruling family of the Greco-Roman Empire.