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12.14 Map of Greenland

Despite Google Earth and hundreds of satellites in space, there is curoulsy not one detailed map of the ice bergs and ice flows which allegedly inhabit Greenland, only blurry Photoshopped photos. Also, depending on the given map, the Island of Greenland varies in length, width and location in respect to North America and Europe. In some maps, Greenland is a tiny sliver-like island off the coast of Canada, while in other maps Greenland is a massive continent, almost as large as the United States and Canada combined. Obviously, Greenland can’t be both small and large and therefore maps pertaining to Greenland appear to be fraudulent in nature.

Africa-Centric Maps

In order to hide the sheer size of Greenland, most maps of the world are African-centric, meaning that the continent of Africa is front and center which is reinforced by the notion that Africa is considered by most paleoanthropologists to be the oldest inhabited territory on Earth. Despite the fact that Africa’s population is predominantly black, the country is divided into 54 nations with each respective border acting like a fence in order to deter both tourism and travel. In all likelihood, the country of Africa is much smaller than depicted as to distract from Australia and Greenland, both of which are vastly undersized in almost every map of the world.