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12.12 Greenwich Mean Time


Greenwich Mean Time
(GMT) was a time system that was kept at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. Because of its titular association to Greenland, the name Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was subsequently changed to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in 1972. The term “Greenwich Mean Time” appears to be cover for “Greenland Man Time”, a veiled reference to the Line of Man (i.e., the 13 Bloodlines of Rome) which now resides in Greenland. Similar to the letter "G" which is located directly in the middle of American and European computer keyboards, Greenland is located in the middle of Earth. Consequently, Greenland experiences all time zones simultaneously, hence the term “Greenwich” or “which”. That is why Greenland essentially only has one time zone—Greenwich Mean Time. The term “Greenwich” is also a tribute to the witchcraft employed by the Imperial Cult of Rome (i.e., the Great White Brotherhood) in Greenland.