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12.04 Flag of Greenland


flag of Greenland features two equal horizontal bands of white (top) and red (bottom) with a horizontally divided circle slightly to the left of center. The top half of the circle is red while the bottom half is white. The divided circle design is coincidentally the universal power symbol which is found on almost every cellphone and computer ever made. The divided circle can also be found in the center of every basketball court, ice hockey rink and soccer field in the world. The half-circle represents 180° which is symbolic of the letter “R”, the 18th letter in the Roman-English alphabet which is an acronym for Rome. The digital root of 18 is 9 (i.e., 1+8=9) which equates to the “Γ” symbol (i.e., the letter “R”) in the Roman Score (i.e., the Roman alphabet), also an acronym for Rome. The divided or half circle is found in whole or in part within the Roman-English letters of “D”, “G”, “P” and “Q”, as well as the lower case letters of “b”, “d”, “e”, “g”, “p” and “q”.

Flags with Island of Greenland
Although not featured on the flag of Greenland itself, the outline of the Island of Greenland is prominently featured in the coat of arms, seals and flags of agencies and governments around the world, including but not limited to: the coat of arms of
 New York, the great seal of New York, state flag of New York, the great seal of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the great seal of the Director of National Intelligence, the great seal of the National Reconnaissance Office, the insignia of United States Naval Special Warfare Command, the logo of Interpol, the official emblem of the United Nations, and the flag of the United Nations. As evidenced, a majority of the flags depicting Greenland deal with global intelligence, the military, or world government, all of which the Greco-Roman Empire operates from behind the scenes in Greenland.

Flag of Greenland in Popular Culture
Aside from the numerous letters, numbers and symbols which contain the symbology found within the flag of Greenland (see below), the divided circle is present within various logos and symbols around the world, including but not limited to: Business: logo of Avanade, a Microsoft-focused consulting service; logo of Diner’s Club, a credit card; logo of Gravatar, a plugin for blogging software; logo of Reuters, a news company; Computing: universal power symbol; Government: signature of U.S. President Barack Obama (see below); and Space: logo of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). “Reuters” is the predominant news service in the world. What they state is subsequently carries by news agencies around the world. The name “Reuters” literally means “RE utters” or the “Roman Empire utters”, for Reuters is how the Roman Empire speaks in the underworld. The former logo of Reuters (see below)  depicts a circle cut in half with one side being dark and one side being white, the same design found within the flag of Greenland.

Letters & Numbers:

1. "Ф" and "ф" Ef  Cyrillic alphabet
2. "Ф" and "ф":
Ef (Russian alphabet)
"Ѳ" and "ѳ" 
Fita (Early Cyrillic alphabet)
4. "Φ" and "φ"
Phi (Greek alphabet)
5. "Θ" and "θ"
Theta (Greek alphabet)
6. "Ø" and "ø":
Letter Ø (Danish, Norwegian, Faroese and Southern Sami alphabets)
7. "G", "Q", and “P”: Letters
G, Q and P (English alphabet)
": Zhongguo and Zhonghua (Chinese character)

9. "æ": Letter Æ (Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Faroese alphabets)
"6" and “9”:
Numbers 6 and Number 9 (English numerals)
Heth, Qoph and Teth (Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Phoenician and Syriac, alphabets)