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6.01 El


or “ll” is a term meaning "deity” (i.e., a supernatural being who is holy, divine, or sacred) who was distinguished from other gods as being "the god". In the Canaanite religion, “El” (L) is known as the Father of humanity and all creatures. This is rather interesting because Canaan is code for Greenland in the Bible. Ēl is repeatedly called  "Tôru ‘Ēl", meaning "Bull Ēl" or "the bull God", an apparent reference to the fact the El was the god of Babylon, the capital of the Roman Empire.
El is routinely depicted with a lions for he represents the “Line of Man” which was sired by Minos of Crete, who is coincidentally also considered the father of all mankind. The term “lion” (L+N) is the consonantly the same as the term “line” (L+N) and therefore a lion is often used as a symbol to represent both the god of “El” and the “Line of Man”. Aside from the lion, the god of El is represented globally via the letter “L”. In the Roman Score (i.e., the Roman alphabet), the letter “
” is located in the 7th numeric position, while in the modern Roman-English alphabet, the letter “L” is located in the 12th numeric position. As evidenced in Roman numerology, the numbers 7 and 12 are sacred and pertain to G.O.D. (i.e., Greenland of Denmark), the home of the “Line of Man”. In the modern English alphabet, the numbers “7” and “12” equate to “G” and “L”, acronyms for “Greenland”. A bilingual inscription from Palmyra (“KAI”. 11, p. 43; KAI 129) allegedly dated to the 1st century equates “Ēl-Creator-of-the-Earth” with the Greek god Poseidon. This is because both the “Line of Man” and the god of “El” originated from the Island of Crete in Greece. Cognate forms of the god of El (L) are found throughout the Semitic languages, including but not limited to: Ugariticʾil” (L); Phoenicianʾl” (L); Hebrewʾēl” (L); Aramaicʾl” (L); and Akkadianilu” (L). Interestingly, plural forms of “El” include Ugaritic “ʾlm” (M); Phoenician “ʾlm” (M); Hebrew “ʾēlîm” (L+M); and Akkadian “ilānu” (L+N). The letter “M” itself is an acronym for “Man” and is used to describe the 13 Bloodlines of Rome which form the aforementioned “Line of Man”. According to modern historical sources, in the Ugaritic Ba‘al cycle, El introduced living on Mount Lel (i.e., Greenland) where the fountains of two rivers spring from the deep, the mythological sources of the salt water ocean and the fresh water sources found under the earth. Coincidentally, the Greco-Roman god of Enki was characterized as the lord of the Abzu (Apsu in Akkadian), the freshwater sea or groundwater located within the earth.

Modern Tributes to El
When the name of El is combined with that of the god of Tyre (i.e., “El” + Tyre”) the word “alter” is formed. This is because blood sacrifices on alters are routinely given to both of these Greco-Roman gods. The name of El is also found throughout the English lexicon (e.g., ale, all, eel, I’ll, ill, oil, owl, etc.), the owl of which is a sacred symbol often associated with the Roman goddess Minerva. Aside from the plethora of names beginning with “El”, the personal name of “Al”, the magazine "Elle", the state-sponsored terrorist groups known as Al Qaeda, Al-Nusra-Front, Al Shabaab, the Arabic television station Al Jazeera, and well as the abbreviation of Los Angeles (i.e., “L.A.”) all appear to be a modern tributes to the god of El.