14.18 UFO's


Unidentified Flying Objects
(UFOs), which have been witnessed by members of the military as well as the public, have historically been tied to flying saucers whose shape coincidentally mimics the disc-like shape of Earth. Although the source of UFOs remains a mystery, there is one location which has mysteriously been absent from the UFO debate altogether—Greenland. In short, the Roman Empire in Greenland has advanced technologies that the underworld is not privy to. The term “Back to the Future” was likely coined by a “UFO” pilot en route to Greenland. When these highly advanced spacecraft are witnessed by the naked eye, their speed is shocking, defying everything previously know about aviation. Although only conjecture, it’s highly likely that these alien spacecraft employ what is known as “zero-gravity” or “anti-gravity” technology, allowing for maneuvers and speeds impossible to winged aircraft. In order to provide political cover for these spacecraft, a global psychological operation (PSYOP) of UFO disinformation has been perpetrated in order to: a) discredit any real investigation into the phenomenon; b) dispel any notion of advanced technology pertaining to spacecraft; c) direct the public’s attention to aliens from outer space rather than from Earth, namely Greenland; d) associate all those who believe in legitimate “conspiracies theories” with those believe in flying saucers; and e) make the flying saucer shape synonymous with UFOs rather than the true shape of Earth. That way, if and when people see a flying saucer-like shape in their dreams, visions or hallucinogenic trips, they will automatically associate it with aliens from outer space rather than Mother Earth. A microcosm of the UFO phenomenon was witnessed back on October 21, 2013, when the Huffington Post published a report entitled “Iranian Fighter Jets Tangle with UFOs (And Lose)”. Despite the fact that Iranian F-14 Tomcats and F-4 Phantom II’s are equipped with video cameras and radar imaging, no photos or images of the UFO in question was ever released. Also, despite widespread use of digital radar and space-based satellites, all of which are streaming real-time images of Earth 24-hours a day, no footage of UFOs has been produced. While it’s possible that the CIA of Switzerland (which is in command and control of all 206 countries) is withholding the hordes of UFO footage, it’s far more likely that spacecraft emanating from Greenland are equipped with cloaking devices which enables them to remain hidden from all modern satellites and imaging systems. Consequently, they are able to fly to and fro throughout the underworld, spawning the drastic rise in UFO sightings. When people witness these Greenland-based UFOs, most dare not speak about it in public for fear of being ridiculed.