Below is a list of Green Jobs Boston Employer Partners, with links to their web sites and job application links or contacts.  Job postings from employers are sent out in Green Jobs Boston Updates.  To find previous postings from past Green Jobs Boston Updates click HERE.
For weatherization employment check out the on-line Job Boards for the Community Action Programs here, or of the MassGREEN Initiative here. (sites may be in limited use)
Green Job Boston Employer Partners
Next Step Living is a home energy efficiency services company located in South Boston and growing rapidly.  They are currently hiring across the company, but are especially looking for weatherization field positions including technicians, crew leads and home energy advisors.  The best way to apply is through their career site here.
RISE Engineering is a major provider of energy efficiency solutions in MA.  They are also a major Renew Boston partner for the small business initiative.    The best way to apply is on their career site here. 
SatCon is a rapidly expanding manufacturer of inverters and other components in renewable energy installations.  Like Next Step Living they are located in the Boston Marine Industrial Park.  They are currently hiring for numerous positions in several aspects of the company.  The best way to apply is through their web site here.  
NSTAR is a major utility in Boston, and they are currently hiring both at their headquarters and at their Boston facility on Mass. Ave.  A full list of openings and instructions on how to apply is at their career site and they also have a program with Bunker Hill Community College that offers a point of entry with the company.
The City of Boston is also doing some of its own green job hiring.  The Mayor's Office of Environmental and Energy Services is seeking managers as part of its energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts.